We bring you a current report on just how much data each of the networks are offering you for your money.

Check back regularly for updates.

Monthly Report:

We’re going to bring you updated reports on a monthly basis of the data allowances on smartphone bill/pre pay plans available currently from the Irish networks. This is a veritable mine field with all the options but we’ll try this out and refine it over time to bring you the best detail we can.



250MBs free per month when you top up by 30 euro per month



700MBs for 9.99 per month other wise 99 cent per day for 50MBs.



All you can eat data with the potential for throttling if you go over 15GB’s per month when you top up by 20euro per month. Can be used only as mobile data i.e. no tethering.



15 euro a week gets you 250MBs per week or else it’s 99cent per day for up to 50MBs per day.



1GB on 20 and 30 euro monthly top ups otherwise it’s 69cent per day for up to 50MBs per day.



79cent per day for 50MBs per day, 2.99euro for 350MBs for a week or 6.99 every 30 days for 1GB allowance.

Bill Pay


1GB available on most of their plans starting at 45 euro per month with options for adjusting the data allowance by more or less for more or less.



150MBs to 700MBs from 35 euro to 100 euro per month. It is our feeling that 150MBs per month is not sufficient to run a smartphone and therefore you would probably need more data. The simplicity plans (sim only) offer 250MBs for 20 euro per month. Extra cost of 5 euro per month if you want to tether (this does give you some extra data).



All you can eat data with the potential for throttling if you go over 15GB’s per month available on all plans no matter what the cost. Can be used as mobile data or used for tethering with a computer. Cost is 30 euro to 95 euro per month for these plans



1GB to 15GB’s per month for anything from 24 euro to 64 euro per month. Data can be used for tethering or mobile data.



1GB, 2GB or 5GB depending on the plans which range from 25 euro to 85 euro per month.


We hope this helps you make a decision for choosing the perfect network for your perfect smartphone but remember, as we say here often, test the network before moving by using a pre pay sim.

You want to see good 3G coverage if you want to get the most out of your smartphone!


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