Amazon rolled out their App Store some months ago but up until today you could only access it if you had a registered Amazon US account. Today, without any fanfare, they have started rolling out international access.

If you had an Android device or a jailbroken iPhone you could download the App from the Internet and install it but unless you had an American Amazon account it wouldn’t let you login.

While the App still isn’t officially available in the Irish Android Market or iTunes store, if you have it installed on your device you can now login with an account, download and install Apps without issue.

If you haven’t got it installed already it is well worth looking into.

Amazon often offer, usually paid for, Apps for free or at a reduced price.

Will you be installing the Amazon App Store on your device? Let us know in the comments below


Check out our Android 101 article on how to install Apps from a source other than the Android Market here


Update: Bad news folks. Just as quick as they granted access they have taken it away. It may be that they are testing the system for roll out so access may come again soon. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.


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