It’s been a long time in the making but Channel 4’s 4oD App has finally landed on Android. The App actually launched yesterday but I spent most of it trying to get the App to work without success but now thankfully it is working fine.

Not a good first impression but possibly caused by a mass of people trying to access it at once.

The App itself is well put together and is one of the better Apps of it’s kind that I’ve seen. If you sign up for an account it opens up more content, additional to the catch up service, such as old series of shows.




Unfortunately, while most of the popular shows are present, they either only have the most recent series or series 1 available to view. It’s an odd restriction as I am sure the App is pulling content of the same severs as the iOS version which has full access to all content but maybe it is just a slowly slowly approach to see how the App performs and what the uptake on the service is.

Even for all the little issues it is great to see 4oD finally become available on Android. They have some fantastic content and it’s well worth checking out.


Screenshot_2013-02-06-19-47-57 Screenshot_2013-02-06-19-48-08


The App is available in the Play store now.



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