Messages is a fantastic way for OS X & iOS users to send text, picture and video messages to other OS X & iOS users.

It’s also a great way to send files from your Mac/iPad to your iPhone and vice versa. But best of all it is free!



However, one problem I have come across is there’s a very good chance that people that you message will someday say something like this to you?

How come when I get a Message from you it shows as coming from your email address and not your mobile?

Well, an easy way to check if Messages is set up properly is to firstly open the Messages app on OS,

On the Taskbar select 1 Messages –  2 Preferences

Select 3 Accounts – 4 your Messages account.

5 Click on “Start new conversations from:” and select your mobile number.

1 Messages Setup Properly


Next check that Messages is set up properly on your iPhone –

Go to Settings, scroll down to Messages, click on Send & Receive.

Now, again make sure that in “Start new conversations from:” your mobile number is selected

2 Messages Setup Properly


With these settings you should now be setup for hassle free Messaging !





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