This week has seen a hint of possible upcoming improvements to Apple’s iOS Maps!

According to job listings posted here on February 4th, Apple is recruiting ten software engineers specifically to work on iOS Maps. One to work on navigation and the remaining nine for various programming positions.

Also mentioned in the job listings is the intention to upgrade the app on many fronts, namely, the user interface, integration with Siri and how maps are displayed in real time!

Now I am sure even the most avid or as we are sometimes called rabid iOS fans will readily admit how poor the original Maps application functioned when first released in September 2012? Which makes it hard to fathom the statement in the jobs description-

The iOS Maps team is looking for a proactive and hardworking software engineer to join our team. The Maps application is used by millions of customers and it’s the best mapping program on any mobile platform.

Us iOS users can only hope that this fresh blood will improve the iOS Maps application to the high standard we usually expect from Apple?

Here’s hoping………





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