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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Zloadr is a viral news and media publishing platform built for creators; that amplifies news worthy content with the help of influencers and bounty hunters. Although, there are content creators and media companies out there doing well in earning significant revenue from advertising and positioning, were noticing a current trend as time goes by, where major organisations are now positioning themselves to completely increase their foothold in as many content industries as possible, leading to lower income and presence for media companies and creators who earn a living outside of these major organisations platforms.

Our white paper focuses on where and how Zloadr is positioned to innovate in this fast changing landscape; by empowering media companies and creators with tools to publish in as many formats as possible, earn significant revenue, reach new audiences and compete on the same level as favoured media publishing outfits by the said major organizations.

Another focus of Zloadr is to tap into the growing ad market and allow advertisers to reach and target their desired audience with clarity and transparency via blockchain technology at a fraction of the current going rate.

How are you different?

Many of Zloadr’s competition is not directly a competitor in the traditional sense if you ask me. Allow me to explain how some of the key attributes of Zloadr.

Zloadr is a media publishing platform- meaning we have a team of experience and knowledgeable writers who will posting content from the three major topics Zloadr will report on: Cryptocurrencies, ICO’s & Finance.

Zloadr is a high traffic platform where advertisers would want to post their product or service on our platform as it will have the direct and focused audience that they desire. Advertisers can buy space on the platform in a multitude of different ways, with fiat currency, other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether or Ripple etc etc. You may be then wondering, what is the point of then holding Zloadr tokens (ZDR) if any other forms of currency can be used within the platform. Reason being because when using ZDR tokens the value of it is more worthwhile because depending on what the token is used for it will amply the duration of the advert for example: Job Posts (Tokens allow job ads to last 5 times longer than equivalent in USD) Business Listings (Tokens allow business listings to last 7 times longer than equivalent in USD). If you are a business you would of course want to most amount of face time with as little cost as possible and ZDR tokens is the best method for that.

This in turn creates a stronger demand and those who are holding these tokens (advertising agencies or investors) to see an appreciation in the ZDR tokens value.

Zloadr is also a true destination for individual content creators or publishers to thrive. By utilising the blockchain and incorporating smart contacts within the Zloadr platform we are enabling these creators/distributors of content to be able to reap their full compensation for their work instead of working with large corporations like Google who seem on take the majority of any possible revenue even though they had no hand in creating the content. When using Zloadr, users will not be able to see the full extent of another users work without paying a royalty to the owner of the content.


Why will you do well?

Zloadr is entering is very lucrative as such we have already identified some direct and indirect competitors for our platform. Many have already completed their ICO’s and are now in the developmental phase. But a recurring issue we identified with many of the companies post ICO is that they have a very long road map. Some have said mid 2018 some have even said 2019 until there full beta or alpha should be ready to launch but by that time the market would have changed considerably as it always does. So as we push forward in our ICO we see the competition moving as a herd but in a very cumbersome manner with their own small variation but nothing overly unique.

But as Zloadr moves forward with is rapid development and when our objectives for Zloadr’s expansion and growth become more evident we anticipate some various forms of duplication from our competition. The global advertising industry generated $500 Billion in 2016.
The barrier to entry for creators relies on significant traffic sources controlled by major organisations.

Where are you based?

Operate and incorporated in London, United Kingdom

When was the company launched?

March 2014

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Our biggest victory is that Zloadr is already 95% completed in its development. If you compare us to the other firms who is considered our competition still have many months if not years to the completion of their platforms.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

The Zloadr platform is built for several different types of users. Firstly, any users who are author or publishers who have had to ghost write on platforms or have had their deserved income diminished by large corporations should desire to use our platform. Secondly, any organisation that wants to gain exposure through our platform due to the large amount of traffic we anticipate to have should also be interested in the website. Moreover, although most fiat and alt coins can be used on the platform using Zloadr token- ZDR will be much more beneficial for those who use it within the platform. Zloadr also already has many whole distribution for books and other content agreements in place. Our goal is to attract any individual or organisation who either wish to publish content, write original content or advertise on a high traffic quality content platform.
What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?
Know you industry in its entirety and work with people who believe in you and what your vision is. If you follow these two things you will be better able to adapt to any changes in the market.

Tell us about your team?

CEO Sam Enrico Williams has over 10 years in the marketing and publishing industry experience and knows many well known people within the industry who can vouch for his work.

What are your long term plans?

To build Zloadr to become the most popular and high traffic content publishing platform, where all work is paid fully to those who create, influence and publishing high quality content.

How do people get in touch with you?

The best method would be to email at [email protected]

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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