By @SimonCocking we recently featured HydroMiner, so it’s great to hear that their preICO sale today went so well. The article below first appeared on CryptoCoinNews.

Business Showcase : HydroMiner

Today, HydroMiner, a crypto mining project utilizing green hydro-energy in its facilities located in the Austrian Alps opened a public pre-sale of its H2O tokens. The cap of 1,500 ETH ($429K USD) was reached in less than one hour, to be more precise, within 36 minutes. During this time, 187,500 H2O tokens were sold at a fixed buy-in of 50 ETH (about $10K USD) with a 25%-bonus.

The founders of the project, Nadine and Nicole Damblon,  were planning to leave the pre-sale open for a week until the start of the main ICO on October, 3. None of the team members expected the cap to be reach that fast leading to the pre-sale closure.

The main sphere of application of the H2O tokens soon to be released, is the green, eco-friendly and profitable cryptocurrency mining in several facilities across Austria (currently 2 with 5 more to be deployed in the coming weeks). Similarly to the cloud-mining contracts, the H2O tokens will earn about 70% annual ROI generated for their holders from the mining rewards added to the monthly share of the mining net profits.

At the moment, HydroMiner already has 2 fully-operational mining farms that are highly profitable. Following the main ICO starting next week the HydroMiner team will deploy the new mining facilities and improve the productivity of the existing ones. The collected funds will be used to buy and to install the new hardware, to hire more people, to pay for the electricity bills and the rent of the space. The more detailed information on the current state of the project, its development plans and the roadmap is available on the HydroMiner’s official website.


The major Token Sale (ICO) will start next week, on Monday, October 3rd, 2017 at 11:00 am GMT at It will last for 4 weeks (unless sold out earlier) and will reward the participants with the following bonuses:

  • 20% – 1st week
  • 15% –  2nd week
  • 10% – 3rd week
  • 5% – 4th week

With such huge interest in the profitable crypto-mining HydroMiner can certainly be considered a project worth following and participating in. Taking into account its today’s success, it is highly recommended that you save the date in order to participate.

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