Simpl Performance is an international performance based marketing company. Headquartered in Dublin, with a satellite office in Amsterdam, Simpl Performance delivers a managed affiliate marketing solution to large and small Irish clients, including O2 Ireland, Carlton Hotels, and GrabOne.

We had a chat with Gareth Lynch from Simpl Performance to find out more about the company.

Q1 Hi Gareth. Can you tell me a bit more about Simpl Performance and what services you offer? 

Simpl was launched in Dublin in response to the need of many Irish businesses for an Irish-based affiliate network. Our founder, Andrew Maat, who launched the first affiliate network in Ireland in 2007, noted that Irish clients wanted to be managed from an Irish based office as opposed to a UK one, and thus launched Simpl Performance to meet that demand.

We offer managed affiliate marketing solutions to large and small Irish clients, working on the premise that our advertisers only pay for sales they get from placements rather than the traffic. With this uniquely risk free approach to online advertising, when clients get a sale they simply pay a fixed fee or a percentage of the sales value.

Q2 For anyone reading this who isn’t familiar, can you explain what affiliate marketing is? 

There are difficult and easy ways to explain affiliate marketing – or as we like to call it – performance based advertising. The most straightforward definition is as follows; affiliate marketing is a form of advertising where advertisers pay a commission for every sale or lead they get from a publisher (website). They don’t pay for impressions or views, only for the result of that activity. Commissions can range from a €1 for a newsletter sign-up, to €100 plus for a more complex sale.

Q3 For publishers, what advantages do you feel affiliate advertising offers over Google AdSense?

For a publisher that has very niche traffic, affiliate advertising can work quite well, even alongside Google AdSense. Contrary to popular belief however, it’s often not the display ads that drive the highest conversions, relevant sites like cashback sites (e.g., comparison sites or voucher code sites work well also.

Q4 Affiliate marketing has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years. From something that was almost unheard of in the Irish market to something that more and more high profile companies are using, evidenced by your client list. Why do you think that is? 

When affiliate was properly introduced to the Irish market in 2007, most publishers were based abroad and used affiliate as a means of monetising their Irish traffic. Fast-forward to 2014 and we find that a lot of those publishers have established their own .ie’s and are focusing on the Irish market. The slowing of the economy has played a role, with more people seeking savings online. This has lead to an increasing amount of comparison, cashback, money saving and voucher code sites in Ireland. Such sites represent a substantial percentage of the total results Simpl gets from our publisher network.

Q5 Who is your target market? If there is someone reading this who has their own website and would like to use your advertisements what can you offer them?

From a publishers perspective we can work with anyone that has online traffic and is planning to monetise it. From an advertisers perspective, we work with large, medium or small companies that sell online or are looking for online leads.

Q6 You mentioned you’ve an office in Amsterdam also. Is the plan to expand into European markets? 

There are two sides to our business, one is an affiliate network, which is based in Ireland and focused predominantly on the Irish market. Being an International Performance Marketing Agency (based in Dublin and Amsterdam), we also manage the daily performance activities of our clients, and create optimal performance based strategies that work. This saves our clients considerable time and resources, removing the requirement for an in-house affiliate manager, and allowing clients to work with multiple networks across most International markets.

Q7 If people have any questions and would like to get in contact with you, what’s the best way? 

The best ways to contact us are to give us a call on +353 (0)1 645 8600 or send an email to [email protected]

You can check out the Simpl Performance website for more details or if you are interested in affiliate advertising for your own website you can go to the signup page.


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