Doro has announced today that it is further expanding its presence in the Irish market.  The handset manufacturer has secured a listing  with Vodafone Ireland again which will see one of its 3G clamshell models offered across Ireland in Vodafone stores and online.

The Doro PhoneEasy 622 is a clamshell mobile in a two-tone metallic finish.  It was designed for people who want a modern and useful mobile that can be easily set up and managed.  The device is powered by the company’s remote management tool, My Doro Manager, which allows content and settings on the handset to be managed from a secure online portal. This feature gives the additional benefit of a seamless and automated cloud back-up of the device’s data such as photographs and contacts. 

The handset provides the user with a louder, clearer and amplified sound with tone adjustment, adjustable text size, a large brighter screen and an intuitive menu system for optimum usability. This device also offers video messaging – an intrinsic element of the company’s strategy to get Irish seniors online and better connected to their family and friends. There is also a four day weather forecast application, external screen for caller ID and a built-in torch.  

Chris Millington, Managing Director of Doro Ireland said: “After a short break we’re delighted that Vodafone Ireland wants to reconnect with the Doro easy mobile story.  We achieved great success in the past and I am sure this new product will see even greater results for Vodafone in the Irish market.   We are committed to building this relationship and our investment in TV advertising will help us to solidify that.”

The Doro PhoneEasy 622 will be available nationwide to Vodafone Ireland customers from 04 April priced at €99.99 for Pay As You Go customers and FREE on Billpay.

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