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Describe the company – the elevator pitch…

CI Squared (CI²) is a Leadership Development and Sales Training company focused on communication. We believe that people and organizations have almost unlimited potential to grow and achieve. We developed a communication framework, called “The Art of the Nudge” to unlock this potential, leveraging the subconscious brain and behavioral economic “nudges.”

How are you different?

We are the human side of digital disruption. We approach leadership and communication through a unique lens: Christine’s 25 years of work in behavioral psychology and organizational development and
my 35 years of work leading high performing teams. Recognizing that this fast-paced world can result in misalignment and miscommunication, our communication framework employs the latest research concepts of neuroscience and behavioral economics to help you communicate in a way that inspires others to act, grow, and achieve. By following our framework, individuals can develop critical soft skills for real behavior change that leads to real business results. As we believe that training is more than an “event,” our tailored reinforcement program ensures results.

Why will the company / product do well?

Leaders are struggling with digital transformation, the fast pace of change, and the Millennial generation in the workforce. Gaining alignment and inspiring people accelerates company performance and prevents the reverse: passive resistance to change and agonizing reductions in performance. Our unique approach to gaining alignment and creating inspiring conversations coupled with our strong reinforcement program will create real behavior change in our customers who will spread the news to others. Training and personal
development is a crowded, yet vast market where an innovative “killer” product can kindle a burning passion that over time spreads like wildfire.

Where are you based?

Reading, Pennsylvania; Close to both Philadelphia, New York City, and the Baltimore/Washington DC area.

When was the company launched?

The company was formed in December of 2014 and renamed CI², standing for Continuous Improvement and Innovation. In July of 2015, we released our book The Art of the Nudge. It reveals our communication framework, based upon 3 years of research and client testing. After a 9 month product beta period, we are in the throes of launching both a Leadership and Sales version of the product.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

SAP, SCRA, Tozour Energy Systems

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Anyone who leads or influences people can benefit from our framework. We are currently focused on B2B companies in the technology, pharma, and medical device industries. They are experiencing major changes
in their businesses based upon the use of social/digital/mobile, and must respond to the technological innovations. Their people are either the strongest asset or greatest liability during times of change. Historically, these companies have spent money both on Leadership and Sales Training. We target Operating Executives, Sales VPs, HR/Training, and Sales Enablement people.

Tell us about your team?

John Geraci, Co-Founder and President

Early in my career, I realized the critical importance of working with others, earning the right to influence, effect change, and lead. This is the essence of leadership, and the driving force behind my Story. I believe
that people and organizations have untapped potential to grow and change. I also believe that slowing down to speed up with the injection of small Nudges can have a huge effect on maximizing performance. My Story begins at West Point where the leadership training and academic structure influenced me greatly. The following six years of leading highly trained and motivated soldiers laid a useable foundation that could be applied to business. After the military, I began working in the high-growth computer software industry
with smart, aggressive, and motivated people. I was promoted multiple times from sales to company president, taking two breaks in the training business with BlessingWhite and The Complex Sale. I have been working with high-tech companies over the last ten years, sharing knowledge from my successes and
failures. Along the way, I have continued to learn from colleagues and clients, gaining extreme satisfaction from my biggest why: helping others grow and achieve.

Christine Miles

Co-Founder and Chief Architect

Understanding, accessing, and using emotional intelligence to facilitate positive change is the driving force behind Christine’s story. For the past two decades, she has been a Leadership and Organizational Development specialist, and believes that the ability to influence and communicate in a way that inspires others is the key to business and personal success. Christine believes that people and organizations have untapped potential to grow and change. She is driven by a curiosity to understand what makes people tick and a desire to help others achieve their maximum potential. Christine received her M.S. Ed. in Psychological Services from the University of Pennsylvania, and has devoted her career to helping people
find ways to leverage their talents by developing and improving their emotional intelligence. Regardless with whom she has worked, Christine has seen that increasing one’s emotional intelligence leads to greater success, both personally and professionally, and is a key differentiator in talent and leadership development.

We are complimented by a full time product development and customer service advocate, Sarah Dickinson, and a social digital media guru, Sean Sell. We have several part time people from our virtual teams helping us row and scale to get some more big wins, including Interlace Communications, Alyse Mitten and Kasey Mitten; Feedback Systems (Social Selling), Ron Morris; GetUWired’s Justin Pugh and development team; and JTwo Films Executive Producer, Mika Maloney and Creative Director, Justin Jarrett.

What are your long term plans for your product / company?

We are just introducing Version 1 of our communication framework. Although our reinforcement program is digital, we are currently moving to deliver entire courses online. We are also thinking about our products as a College Course Curriculum, so there will be more advanced modules in the future focusing on unique aspects to build skills. One example would be to take our Story Building Map and add a module to transform this Story into pictures.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Alexa from Amazon and Fitbit

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

Drones to drop off and receive signed proposals and cash.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

What are your “Whys” and what makes you a good team to scale this company?

Christine became interested in the field of behavioral psychology because of some of the conditions of her upbringing. She was searching for understanding of what motivated people and why we did things. This led to a career in clinical services and then an Executive Coaching business. She is passionate about understanding people. She knows that when we better understand ourselves and others, we can shift our dialogue and interactions to achieve more. John had similar beliefs but with many different points of
view. John is a West Point graduate and successful software executive who learned early on that you had to grow and change to succeed. Helping people grow to achieve more is his big ‘Why’. He found Christine’s story fascinating and the more they worked together he realized that although they had a similar passion they approached the challenge from a unique and different perspective. The personal communication struggles between them and with their customers drove them to find a better way.

How do people get in touch with you?

See our website

Or contact us here

John Geraci
Founder and President
[email protected]

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