By @SimonCocking,  interview with David Cherrie, the CEO of Arcade.

What is your elevator pitch?

Arcade is a Dallas, Texas-based software company that applies a proprietary gamification approach to help businesses boost the productivity of their sales team. That approach is embodied by a SaaS solution that Arcade has created, which intelligently gamifies the workplace to empower leaders and engage employees. Already with dozens of enterprise-level customers, Arcade is leveraging the data it has collected to explore artificial intelligence solutions that will, for example, help employers retain their best employees as well as identify prospective ones that have the best potential to produce the greatest amount of revenue. More on that below.

Tell us about Arcade and how it helps business owners and managers incentivize their workforce?

We use gamification as the mechanism to impart healthy competition, rewards and recognition into the workplace in a way that incentivizes employee collaboration and productivity.

With Arcade, managers are able to transform employee goals (like sales quotas) into daily contests and challenges that motivate high productivity. Employees can give or receive recognition from co-workers and earn prizes from their favorite brands. Managers are also awarded as the engagement of their staff increases.

It seems like a semi-crowded field, what does Arcade do differently than the others?

We’re not just about providing tools for workplace recognition, rewards and collaboration, but we’re serious about enabling managers to be great people leaders.

Through analyzing employee behavior, sentiment, performance, tenure and honest feedback, we are able to provide managers with intelligent insights on opportunities to maximize employee engagement.

Arcade has a proven track record of helping companies for several years now. What have you learned from all that data?

A person’s direct manager is by far the highest proponent to highly engaged employees that are productive and long-standing.

The most successful teams are those with highly engaged managers that are actively collaborating with employees to engage them with their business goals, recognizing accomplishments and rewarding success.

Are there indicators within the data that suggest whether your top-performing employees may be thinking about leaving?

Arcade is able to analyze employee performance and tenure, while also understanding employee engagement through qualitative means like the frequency of employee recognition and their qualitative feedback over time. This allows us to determine correlated factors related to true business outcomes like productivity and retention, and feed this insight to relevant managers in a way that helps them proactively improve engagement and prevent unnecessary turnover.

Using artificial intelligence?

It’s a combination of machine learning (understanding the highly correlated factors related to productivity and turnover), and AI that determines the sentiment of employee communication in the workplace (through Arcade), and how that changes over time.

What other ways could your data lead to artificial intelligence initiatives?

We’ll be developing features, powered by AI, that assist employers in intelligent hiring and sourcing applicable candidates for new roles in the very near future.

How would you describe the most ideal customers for Arcade?

Any company that’s challenged with consistently engaging their sales and service employees on a daily basis, and sees the benefit of investing in improving employee retention & collaboration. This includes everything from billion-dollar corporations to mid-sized businesses.  Both groups have the same challenges and need for a solution.

What drives you to make Arcade a success in this field?

I’m passionate about helping solve the issue of employee disengagement in sales organizations using data-driven solutions that yield tangible benefit for businesses. Having worked in sales for a number of years, I know first-hand the power that salespeople have over the performance and success of their business.

How do people find out more about you?

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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