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Give us a brief Company overview please?

The 9 Spokes smart dashboard enables SMEs to connect their software to one dynamic interface – giving them a clear overview of their business. It allows management and advisors to access data and new metrics across key areas, from any device at any time. With these insights, it’s easier to make the big decisions to either manage or grow a business. Businesses can integrate their supported software into the dashboard as well as choose from a selection of recommended and accredited apps to suit their industry. The smart dashboard from 9 Spokes is available as a direct model to small businesses and as a white labelled platform that Enterprise Partners can offer to their SME customer base.

How is 9 Spokes different?

At 9 Spokes, we are convinced that small business owners should have access to data and insights that historically only the larger corporates could afford. Our ambition is to empower small businesses by giving them access to key insights that help them make better and easier business decisions, saving them time that they can re-invest back into their business.

What will you do well?

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Our proposition is built to the insight that SME business owners are juggling a diverse range of responsibilities and need quick and constant access to information. They understand cloud solutions could help but are overwhelmed by choice and not knowing what’s right for their business.  We connect customers with the best apps and bring together the right metrics for their business in one single view ultimately saving them time searching for data that they can invest into growing their business.

We have a product that customers love – we continuously collect customer feedback through interviews with users, behavioral insights and through experimentation. We use these insights to deliver new features as well as improving existing functionality. Our goal is to create a product that supports our customers throughout the day with calls to action and insights at the right times.

Where are you based?

Auckland – New Zealand; London – UK; Toronto – Canada.

When was the company launched?

9 Spokes was formed in 2012 by entrepreneurs Mark Estall and Adrian Grant. The 9 Spokes dashboard first launched in the UK in November 2016.

9 Spokes was listed on the ASX in June 2016.


9 Spokes biggest wins to date

Speed of adoption: We have over 20,000 businesses on the 9 Spokes platform and took only 37 days to add 5,000 business in September 17.

Our Application Partners: We do the hard work so our customers don’t have to and have partnered with leading apps that we have accredited in terms of expertise, functionality and user experience. With have selected over 50 app partners so far that we recommend to customers based on their industry and business need so they don’t waste time searching or having a bad user experience.

Our Enterprise Partners: We are partnering with some of the world’s largest financial organisations to create a white labelled platform they can offer to their SME customer base. In the UK, we partnered with Barclays Bank to launch the Barclays SmartBusiness Dashboard which integrates with Barclays banking products. Most recently, Royal Bank of Canada have just brought their RBC MyBusiness Dashboard to market.

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Who are you trying to attract to your product?

SMEs are the backbone of our economy and 9 Spokes recognises how hard it can be to run your business, but understand it’s a passion too. We are focusing on small and medium business owners who are open to cloud-software and focused on growing their business.

We also target specific customer segments based on known opportunities and currently have activity focused on Start Ups, advising young businesses on how to start up smarter leveraging cloud-based software.

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Plans for the future

At 9 Spokes we aren’t holding back and have plans to launch our smart dashboard in the US.

From a product perspective, we are continuing development work on our smart dashboard with new features being readied for deployment including the ability for users to set up their own threshold limits for alerts on specific widgets, and the ability for users to sign-up and log-in using the most popular social log-ins, commencing with Google and Facebook.

Tell us about your team!

At 9 Spokes we love a challenge and an excellent Spotify playlist. Our team is made of incredible people who are comfortable wearing multiple hats and have a play hard, work hard mentality. Always working at the forefront of emerging technologies, our people aren’t constrained by what others say is possible.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

For us it’s less about gadgets and more about working with the power of the cloud to help create the best tools possible.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

Make sure you have the right tools to manage your business. With the explosion of cloud apps, you can find tons of software and platforms to easily manage your business, often at affordable prices or even for free! Don’t underestimate what those tools can do for you such as allowing you to you save time – a business owner’s most valuable asset!

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