The craze of putting butter in your coffee is spreading to Ireland.

Making the coffee for the first time can be tricky, so for first timers ready made could be a better option. Now health stores all around Dublin are starting to serve the coffee.

Irish Tech News has talked about the coffee and has interviewed the inventor Dave Asprey in the past.

Irish Tech News went out to try five places in Dublin that sell it directly.

Bear Market Coffee – IFSC & BlackRock

Bear Market started out in Blackrock but extended into IFSC late 2016, and a third shop opening soon. Bear Market also serves a range of healthy snacks and lunches.

Bear Market has their brand of bulletproof – Grizzly coffee. It has the same grass-fed butter and MCT oil goodness than the official bulletproof coffee does.

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Cocobrew – Temple Bar

Cocobrew’s take on bulletproof coffee, replacing butter with cacao butter.

How does it compare? Great! A slightly more bitter, but still great alternative for anyone wanting to try something new or anyone lactose intolerant.

Tony, the owner of Cocobrew, runs a VW van, serving coffee at festival’s, or even weddings. They also serve a great selection of healthy snacks. The Temple Bar store is recently extended its food offering with lunchtime meals as well.

The Punnet Food Emporium – Mount Street Dublin & Glasthule

Another great health store in Dublin serving healthy meals, snacks and bulletproof coffee.

The Mount Street store is close to the Grand Canal, and the Glasthule store is close to the Dun Laoghaire’s Sunday Farmers Market for anyone out that direction.

The Alchemy Juice Co – Lesson Street

Moved from just above BT2’s on Grafton St. last year, you can now find The Alchemy at the top of Lesson St just beside the green.

The Alchemy does a great selection of homemade salads, meals and even their bone broth – all the rage now in health circles.

The Alchemy have their take on bulletproof coffee with cinnamon, coconut oil and cacao butter.

Urban Health – Ranelagh

Urban Health works with Cocobrew to supply bulletproof coffee ingredients. Their shop, just beside the triangle under the Luas bridge, serves healthy meals and snacks.

Make Your Own

If you’re feeling brave, you can even make your own. All you need are the ingredients and a food blender. Dave Asprey shows how on his blog and below:

You can get the ingredients in Dublin – Cocobrew sell their brand of MCT oil and cacao butter, or you can get the official bulletproof brand coffee and oil Nourish stores, three stores in Dublin.

Online also at Amazon or on the Bulletproof site.

If you’re still on the fence with putting butter in your coffee, it’s never been easier to try once with stores popping up all over Dublin.

More about Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee started in silicon valley by the inventor of Biohacker Dave Asprey. It’s a mix of and coconut extract (MCT oil) and butter. It’s great for losing weight, as it acts as an appetite suppressant, replacing breakfast. It also increases energy and improves mental focus – longer lasting than plain coffee.

A few months ago, Irish Tech News Simon reviewed the coffee after trying it for a week. Simons opinion?

It tastes far better than it sounds, and it may bring some of the much-touted health bringing qualities too.


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