By @SimonCocking. You may remember that we interviewed the creator of Bullet Proof Coffee, Dave Asprey last year, it is an interesting story, and so naturally it made sense to actually see what it was like. You can buy it here.

What is biohacking? Dave Asprey, creator of BulletproofCoffee explains more

Firstly, for everyone it is probably a fairly common experience to think, ugh, butter and oil in my coffee!? This is something that is actually easier than you think to get over, partially in our case, because once you blend the mixture, the colour of the coffee actually looks like it has milk in it. For wider reasons than just coffee there are good reasons why it might not be smart to milk into hot drinks. Many Europeans already think the Irish / English are strange for adding milk to tea, and refer to this as ‘baby tea’. Personally, not having drunk any form of coffee for about 15 years it was an interesting experiment to drink coffee of any type.

My better half was concerned it might provide me with a level of additional hyper-ness that was unnecessary. We had it in the morning first thing, for a series of  weekdays. One of Asprey’s key points in advocating it’s values is that it is an appetite suppressant, helping to stave off those mid meal cravings. This may be true. Certainly with coffee’s qualities as a diuretic maybe you’re busy focusing on other things, but perhaps that is too much information!

Overall we’d say, it tastes far better than it sounds, and it may bring some of the much touted health bringing qualities too, but no everyone is completely convinced in that respect. The sample we were sent also smelt great, and we experimented with it in a few different ways, and from this entry point we have now gone on to try out some other varieties too. If you haven’t tried it before then we’d suggest having a go, we’re just wondering if it has or will take off in Ireland!



More information below

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee is a blended drink of BulletproofUpgraded Coffee, Upgraded Octane Oil and grass-fed, unsalted butter. This unique blend is scientifically proven to provide more energy, greater mental focus/clarity and support fewer food cravings. Founder Dave Asprey put a lot of research into developing Bulletproof coffee after he tried something called ‘yak butter tea’ in Tibbet and instantly felt the benefits of this high calorie drink being consumed in straining conditions. He set about creating something similar but for the western world.                                                                                                                       


How does it work?

The ingredients contained within the coffee ensure that the drink is high in healthy fats and vitamins, which support the body to action ketosis (the process of burning fat before muscle). The coffee beans are designed to help with stimulating the mind with none of the negative side effects usually associated with low quality coffee/caffeine methods. The Upgraded Octane oil ensures that the body creates ketones to help fuel the mind and body, with a steady amount of energy and no crash as well as improved metabolism. The drink is designed to be consumed in the morning (when are bodies are programmed to burn fat).

The trio of ingredients works like this… 

Upgraded Coffee Beans are free of performance-robbing mold toxins (these are called mycotoxins, and one study found that of 60 x beans tested, 91% were contaminated!) Upgraded coffee beans are also a high quality coffee which comes with a host of benefits including improved learning and energy. More info here

Grass-fed butter is full of high-quality fats and nutrients – it has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin E, and antioxidants. One of the fatty acids within this has been scientifically tested and shown to improve the body as well as protect against mental illness. As it is so high in healthy calories, the drink works well as a breakfast drink and can keep you satisfied until mid-afternoon!.

Upgraded Octane Oil provides fast energy with no crash. Upgraded Octane Oil is a purified form of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil which is absorbed by the body and converted into ketones which in turn, help fuel your brain instead of glucose. MCT has carbon tails that come in various length and the shorter the length, the better it is for you. One example of a carbon tail is C-8 and Upgraded  Octane is pure C-8 (18 x the C-8 of coconut oil, widely known for its health benefits). Upgraded Octane boosts metabolism, burns fat, improves cognition, builds muscle…the list goes on….

Who makes it?

Bulletproof Coffee is a product of Bulletproof, a platform created by Dave Asprey to bring together a community of people who enter a state of high performance every day, in body and mind. Dave is a dedicated Bio-Hacker who has upgraded his brain (20 IQ points) and achieved a lean physique after previously weighing 300lbs. He is a walking case study for Bulletproof and has totally transformed his life to be healthier and happier. You can find out more here:

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