Research in motion (RIM), the makers of all things BlackBerry, (mobile device/tablets and their own native operating system) have been going through a change recently.

The once mighty Canadian company which some say was the founding father of the “smartphone” has fallen on harder times.

Squeezed by both Google Android and Apple, it has had to dig deep to change its fortunes.

Fear not the fight back has begun!

Following on from the most recent launch of their latest devices (we’ll review the 9900 in the coming days), BlackBerry has now focused on another sector currently dominated by Apple’s iTunes store.

The company confirmed at the end of August that they will launch BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Music service. For those who don’t know, BBM is the very popular messaging service from BlackBerry. A service so popular that it’s one reason that many customers refuse to desert BlackBerry (that and it can come in handy for organising a riot).


For a rumored monthly fee of 4.99USD BlackBerry will allow customers to download up to 50 tracks to their BBM Music profile from a catalogue of almost 10million tracks.

Users will be able to share their music with their BBM contacts therefore the more contacts the more music you could potentially have to listen too. It’s certainly different to the iTunes model we know and love but could it give RIM the edge?

They certainly think so.

With some 45 million BBM users around the world that could potentially create a large shared catalogue for a small monthly fee. With each contact you add your collection will grow and grow.

You’ll also be able to swap out 25 tracks a month for different ones.


Currently it’s in a closed beta (US, Canada and UK) but hopefully we’ll be able to bring you some idea of what it’s like.

So tell us will this persuade you to move/stay with BlackBerry.

Do you think RIM are doing enough to change their fortunes or are they on the road to know where.

Let us know in the comments section below or @Irish_technews on twitter





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