With the expected, if not urgently needed, launch of iPhone 5 (or 4S as some are calling it) sometime in October, it’s time to look at the known knowns and the unknown knowns about the new device.

What can we expect from Apple?


There was a rumor last week that said it may or may not launch with iOS 5, but at the very least you can expect iOS 5 to follow suit very soon after. It will probably be a lot curvier then the iPhone 4 was and this design should support a new type of antenna.

It will probably have an 8MP camera which will be capable of recording at 1080p (see our pic below of a rumored shot from the iPhone 5 camera).


It’s also expected to come with a Dual core A5 processor running at 1.2ghz. There’s a lot of debate over whether it’ll support LTE but with yearly releases of iPhones (they’ve gotta leave you wanting more) we’d suspect that this won’t be part of the package.


So there are the major improvements purported to be found in the new iPhone 5. Will they be enough to make you part with your hard earned cash or will the iPhone 4 keep you happy until there’s a more serious evolution/revolution?

We’ll keep you posted about any new information surrounding iPhone 5 and any potential release dates so stay tuned to ITN.

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