Latest guest podcast by Aidan McCullen. To see more pieces by Aidan see here. Great interview with William Deresiewicz Writer, speaker, author of Excellent Sheep.

Bill tells us of a gaping void we have in our midst. Children are being raised to do what they think their parents want more than what they want themselves. A huge number of third level students are afraid to study what they want and instead chose subjects that are “accepted” and “expected”. We talk how this originates in the home with “Tiger Parents”, we discuss the problems of pressure and aimlessness on the campuses and the so-called “Stanford Duck Syndrome”. We discuss the true meaning of diversity and how corporations can harness it for the future. We discuss the inequality of the education system and how it is no wonder that GroupThink is alive and well. Bill also informs us of how presidential candidates all follow the same path of education. Finally, Bill offers some sound advice to break the cycle so we stop producing ‘Excellent Sheep’ You can find out more about William, including how to book him for Keynote talks here. You can find Bill on twitter here

A Pioneer in Machine Learning Breakthroughs on Ai, Education and The Future of Humanity

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