Latest guest podcast by Aidan McCullen. To see more pieces by Aidan see here. Great interview with Ryan Babineaux author of ‘Fail Fast, Fail often’.

Imagine the possibilities, maybe we would be in a job we actually like, maybe we would have written a best-selling novel, maybe we would have written Harry Potter. What is worse, our education and often our parenting teaches kids to fear failure and to fear exploration. As we discuss on the show some kids are fearful of “going outside the lines” and this continues in life. We learn how comedian Chris Rock uses a fail fast method to win over his audiences. We learn how to use a “happiness map” and we learn lessons from pottery class. Ryan Babineaux is the author of ‘Fail Fast, Fail often’. He is CEO and founder of Happenstance Counseling Ryan is leading a Stanford research project that examines the work practices of masters in diverse fields—beer making, journalism, social entrepreneurship, engineering, long-distance running, mathematics, etc.He earned his M.Ed. in psychology and human development from Harvard University and his Ph.D. in educational psychology from Stanford University.

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