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Professor Naftali Tishby is a professor of Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a Global leader in machine learning research and computational neuroscience and his numerous ex-students serve at key academic and industrial research positions all over the world. In this week’s show, Naftali discusses his breakthrough in understanding how machines learn. He calls this the “bottleneck technique”. During our chat, we draw parallels in how we humans learn and the lessons we can draw from his findings in how education might work in the future. We go off on a tangent after we discuss how part of learning is forgetting. We explore the gifts of ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and how if understood early people can harness the gifts and thrive. We discuss the future of humanity, the history of machine learning and the present of education. It is a truly fascinating listen. Professor Naftali Tishby, Computer Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, machine learning, computational neuroscience, bottleneck technique, innovation, artificial intelligence, Ai, AGI, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, ADD, ADHD

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