By @SimonCocking

April was another great month for Irish Tech News, more interviews, more positive feedback (people love the UX!) and more followers on twitter, shares on social media, and hopefully even more big news coming in May. Here’s some excellent content from April you may have missed. As always in chronological order only.


April 1st Naomi Fein, We Think Visual

April 1st Clear Ink interview with founder Margaret Ward

April 2nd John Denehy, Zartis interview

2015-04-08 18.06.21

April 9th Remote review by Jason Fried and David Hansson

April 10th Jack Black Business tips and interview

April 14th The Utopia Experiment, review and interview with Dylan Evans

April 17th Gary Kolegraff, Silicon Valley VC interview


April 20th Frank McCarthy Dublin entrepreneur, tips, review and and interview

April 21st Robby Ketchell Team Sky chief data analyst

April 21st Shane Snow Smartcuts, interview and review


April 28th Welcome to Mobilegeddon

April 29th Smarter Egg

April 30th Kavin Andi, Augemented Reality Surgeon

April 30th Aine Collins, TD





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