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Lets face it, none of us really know where Google+ is going. I don’t think even Google knows where Google+ is going even though they may claim to have a plan. In the past few days Google+ has joined Twitter after leaving the account dead for several years and now it seems like they want to become Pinterest.

Collections will allow users to group similar posts into topic-based sections which will appear on the new “collections” tab on Google+ profiles. You can follow collections you like and get updates when new content is saved in that collection and each collection can be shared either privately or publicly. Sound familiar? Thats because it is familiar, this is essentially exactly what Pinterest does.

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Google has been testing the feature with a small section of users as there is already a large number of collections available. There are also featured collections which suggest good collections to follow. Google has mentioned recently how they intend on focusing more on Photos and Streams. The site looks the same as it has done for years however Google says they think differently about the service now.

It feels somewhat like another desperate push to get more people on board with Google+, while the social network is more active than lets say Myspace, it is still lacking in numbers and needs higher engagement to appeal to a larger audience.

The problem with this is quite simply that we use Pinterest. Collections from Google+ does not add anything new or exciting, it doesn’t do anything different from Pinterest. Google seem to be happy about it though, we’ll just leave this here…

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