The price of Bitcoin is on the rise, as is the interest in this digital currency. Bitcoin Play is full of information on the Bitcoin, and it might be worth gaining some knowledge now before interest rises even more.

Before heading to lets take a look at 8 things that you might not know about the Bitcoin!

1. Lots of big companies now accept Bitcoin payments, and some of these include Microsoft, Overstock, Dell, Expedia and Dish Network. It is looking likely that many other big companies will follow.

2. Refunds are not possible at all in a Bitcoin transaction, in 2016 a Bitcoiner accidentally sent thousands instead of $5, and there was no way for them to get it back!

3. The Bitcoin network is more powerful than 500 supercomputers put together!

4. Despite how long Bitcoin has now been around, its creator is still a mystery figure! The person who designed Bitcoin is known by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is doubt about his identity. Some people even believe that this is a group of people going under one name!

5. There is not an infinitive amount of Bitcoin, there is a predefined schedule that has a limited number of Bitcoins, and the mining process is getting harder every day.

6. As surprising as it sounds, the Bitcoin has actually been to outer space! In 2016 a Bitcoin cloud mining provider sent a Bitcoin to space using a 3D Bitcoin model and Bitcoin paper wallet tied to a weather balloon!

7. Losing a wallet means you will lose your Bitcoins. Although a Bitcoin Wallet is highly secure, if you lose it then the Bitcoins inside will also be lost forever.

8. One of the world’s largest Bitcoin owners is actually the FBI!

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