Written by Samuel Caverly

If you think that designing a logo that is both nice to look at and high-impact is easy, then you should definitely think twice. The visual identity of a brand, regardless of its kind, should be engaging and tell something to the potential customer. This is mostly the reason why logo designers are in such high demand right now. It’s enough to look around and you will see countless brand logos, some belonging to the very best out there. They may not all look fancy, but they have something in common: they are unique without being overly simple and complex without being too complicated.

Designing a logo and other brand products is no easy task if you want to be successful. It needs to be recognizable, telling and most importantly, to become iconic. This will be possible in time but for beginners, the first step is the most important. Here are some important tips on how to make high-impact logos and other brand products.

1.    Unicity is key

This is probably the main thing that you need to consider when you first want to create a logo for a company: make it as unique as possible. As we know, to create something that is 100% unique is almost impossible but try to be as close as you can. Make sure that you are not accidentally breaking other trademarks or otherwise, things can go downhill very fast.

Apart from that, check your new logo against other logos that are similar in nature and make sure that it doesn’t look like a new rendition of a competitor’s logo. That is surely the last thing you want. The same goes for any other kind of brand product. Once it’s done, the final step is to protect it with your own trademark. If you need some inspiration, the website LogoRealm.com offers lots of interesting stories about how some of the most famous logos in the world came to be.

2.    Color is more important than you think

When it comes to creating the visual identity of a brand, always think about what colors you’re going to use. They are more important than you might think and often speak louder than a thousand slogans. For example, use the color red if you want the logo to be energetic, yellow for optimism, and blue for professionalism. Also, black exudes power, white is purity, and pink is fun. You have a lot of colors to choose from when you’re making a logo or any other kind of brand product. Just be careful what you choose.

3.    Simplicity all the way

There are instances when a new company wants to have the most complex logo just to attract attention. Unfortunately, such a visual representation doesn’t always help the brand. Worse, it can bury it from the beginning. There is a basic rule when it comes to designing good logos: it should be simple enough for people to be able to draw it themselves. If they can’t do it or worse, can’t even remember how it looks, the news is bad. Moreover, you can also make use of artificial intelligence.

4.    Put your logo to the test

Let’s say you already have an idea that you think will be good. However, you can never be sure about the general public’s reaction. So, why not test it? Gather some people and show them your logo ideas. After that, ask them for honest feedback. According to what they say you can alter your idea or better, leave it as it is. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t like it. The best things take time to create.

5.    Promote the brand through an image

To create the perfect logo for a brand you first need to grasp a full understanding of what that particular brand stands for. A good idea would be to create a mood board with all the things that stand out for you and images that could represent that idea. What does that brand stand for? What’s its audience? Also, try to add a twist to your otherwise simple design. The smallest details can make all the difference in the world.

6.    Try different approaches

Another beneficial thing that you can do when you’re creating a logo or other brand products is to always try different approaches and perspectives; literally. See if your image looks good on paper but be aware of the fact that it might not look as good on a multi-colored package. Try different formats, shapes, and sizes. You never know. Your logo might look incredible if it’s twisted and not straight.

7.    Logotypes only work for iconic names

Logotypes are logos that only display the name of the brand, without any other additional image or symbol, like Coca-Cola. However, be aware of the fact that logotypes only work if your brand’s name is truly unique and iconic. Otherwise, it won’t hit too hard. If you have a generic name that you need to work with, try to find another type of visual representation to work with. If you think your brand falls in the “iconic-name” category, then go for it. However, choose an unusual font and even tweak it a little. Again, it’s all about being unique.


Finally, it seems that regardless of how you choose to visually represent a certain brand, through a logo or any other kinds of brand products, you should always create something that’s truly one of a kind. Recycled material doesn’t work when it comes to such important visual identities. So, all things considered, you should always focus on the nature of the brand, what it promotes, and on its audience. Ideas will start coming to you but never become discouraged if they’re not the best ones. The ideal high-impact logo takes time and effort.



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