Written by Sujain Thomas

What happens when brick-and-mortar businesses stop relying on conventional marketing tactics? In the first couple of months, they reach out to new potential buyers in the online market through their social media tactics and push notification marketing. However, they soon begin to realize that their veteran customers are pulling away due to the lack of attention. They start losing a more significant chunk of their revenue. Their online marketing budget dwindles, and finally, these businesses realize the power of traditional marketing.

Trade shows are similar marketing and advertising platforms that appeal to almost all businesses in town. We agree. The planning, preparation, packing, and setup can take some time. It can be difficult for companies to set aside a budget for trade expos and then boost their online campaigns as well. However, like all smart marketing strategies, even trade expos can surprise you with generous revenues and new leads. Without further ado, we will give you five reasons you should take part in tradeshows this year.

  1. It will give you new leads

Each new brand, business, and audience on a tradeshow platform is a potential lead. Treat every non-competitor as a potential customer. Approach them as a prospective customer and find out what they are selling. Setting up a network with the other businesses and audiences out there will give you new contacts. During the slow hours, you can roam about, interact with other entrepreneurs and find out what data they have collected.

  1. Enhance the image of your business

Setting up a stall beside the blue-chip companies instead of the start-ups will allow you to elevate your brand image. Companies interacting with popular and respectable brands automatically garner a better reputation than an unknown startup. It is an old, but active tactic businesses should remember while setting up kiosks at the tradeshow.

  • More impact with less investment

Setting up tradeshow stalls is not costly anymore. You can opt for one-step assembly displays, vinyl banners, table-top displays, portable tables and pop-up displays. For a more compact effect, you can choose to work with double deck turnkey displays or modular displays that bring a miniature representation of your brand store to the platform. Check out Iconic Displays for some excellent tradeshow setup ideas for modern brands.

  1. You will learn what rocks the market and what doesn’t

While you are sitting around waiting for visitors, keep an eye on the other booths as well and find out which are the ones that are attracting maximum attention. Which ones are the audiences avoiding? Where are you in the spectrum? Find out what appeals to the audience, how to achieve them and keep accurate notes of the prices, and offers that are attracting the viewers most.

  1. Reinventing your brand

Brands cannot succeed unless they invest time and money in improving self-image. The success of a business depends on trust and reputation. Being present at an expo, interacting with people and other brands will make your brand more tangible to your target user group.

A tradeshow has all the ingredients of a good marketing strategy. There is no reason why a brand should not try attending a relevant trade show, especially when the costs are manageable.

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