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Fitness is all about motivation. Just picture for a moment that our world was invaded by aliens or half of the world’s population had become Zombies – and they were chasing you. Won’t you run? Won’t you run as fast as you can and as long as you can? Of course you would. No brainer. Bottom line: achieving fitness has less to do with means and more to do with motivation.

So what will get you motivated to become fit? Provided that the world isn’t in any eminent danger from aliens or zombies.

The answer is gamified apps. If we have apps that you are motivated to use, you have all but achieved your fitness goals.

Without further ado, here are five best fitness apps that we have selected for you.

1. Nike+ Running

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: Free

A perfect app for joggers, runners and marathon lovers.

Nike+ Running apps simply tracks your movements and records your time, speed, distance and other attirbutes using GPS tracker. There is a movement tracking accelerometer specially designed for indoor running. That is not all, based on the data it collects, the app sets goals for you. It motivates you to get better and better and beat your previous records. If that isn’t motivating enough, you can see your performance against your friends’.

You can share updates on Facebook and every time someone likes the update you get a cheering tune from your cell phone. Then there is a complete list of analytics and graphs that show you how you have been doing all along.

2. Fitocracy

Platform: Web browsers, Android and iOS

Price: Free

Are you a fitness freak? Do you like gym and pumping up muscles? – This app is for you.

Fitocracy has been endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan (is that motivating enough for you?). This is a great app for all those who take their fitness routine seriously. You will have to choose the type of exercises you’d be doing such as running, dumbbell or triceps curls. Then you will put in the volume.

Based on your size, weight and development, Fitocracy will award you points for each task done. As you get more points, you win more virtual badges, unlock various exercising routines. Furthermore you can compete with your friends and others users of the app.

3. Zombies, Run!

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: $4

Talking about motivation, Zombies, Run! is arguably the best motivating fitness app there is.

The app is based on a gaming/fitness scenario. Every time you run or take a job, you are saving people of Abel Township. You see the app is set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. The more you run, the more supplies, bandages, food and medicine you get. The more you run, the safer the town’s people are. Sounds of helicopters, sirens and screams keep you motivated. If you slow down, you will hear zombies roar and feel they are winning.

After completing few milestones, you will notice that the aerial view of Abel Township changes from a wasteland to a green merry-looking community. There are schools, a hospital, power plants and few shops now. Thanks to you, the town of Abel Township is safe again.

4. MyLand

Platform: iOS

Price: App is free but $70 if you buy the Striiv Play Wireless Smart Pedometer

It is a fitness app for animal lovers, nature lovers who like running and jogging.

MyLand is an app set in mystical land with a beautiful setting having plants, waterfalls, animals like tigers and deer and also mystical creatures; dragons and centaurs. When you begin your routine, the land looks empty and dark. Gradually as you run and the app tracks it, flowers begin to blossom.

The more you run, the more points you get. With these points, you can buy new exotic plans, create farms for your pet animals and build a mystical kingdom for yourself. The app is very comprehensive, there are highlands, lowlands, forests, castles and what not. To ensure you stay motivated for a long time, the app gives you some quests that take days or weeks to complete.

5. Fleetly

Platform: iOS

Cost: Free

Perfect app for you if you want a customized workout routine at your fingertips

Fleetly gives you points and medals for completing your workouts. The best thing about the app is that it is very extensive. It lets you track all your movements, workouts and performance indicators. In a league like system, you will placed according to your ranking among your friends (other users that you add into the app).

Once you chose an area to work on such as legs or biceps, you will be guided through various routines and different workouts of each area. Like a personal trainer, Fleetly will evaluate you and give you more depending upon your progress.

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