Jamie McCormick of McCormick Advanced Marcomm Services is happy to release the 2016 estimate of the value of the Irish Consumer Video Games Market. Assuming the benchmark 7% value of the UK games market, and adjusting for sterling, the Irish Consumer Games Market was valued at  € 243,363,871 in 2016.

This year sees the addition of a new category of sales being added into the value, those generated by companies including Digit, SixMinute, Romero Games, Gambrinous, and other independent development teams across the length and breadth of the country.

Since 2015, a steady stream of commercial games have been released on indie stores, Steam, Playstation Store, Xbox and other digital distribution platforms. Priced at anywhere from €1 to €15 right now, truly “Made in Ireland” games are available for gamers to explore. Highlights include strategy games Guild of Dungeoneering, button bashers like Frank’n’John and Onkira: Demon Killer, and an increasing number of mobile apps, and there are also free-to-play games made in Ireland with Kings of the Realm having the highest production budget in the country for a game, and available on web, iOS and Android.

So 2015 and 2016 serve as the commercial breakthrough of Irish games selling internationally across the internet and app stores, and a new value, this year set at 0.5% of the value of the Irish consumer games market, valuing at least  € 1,216,819, getting into the seven figures territory for the first time.

Combining these two, In 2016 € 244,580,691 was either spent on games in Ireland, and now for the first time exports are being created from local sales, and international sales by #IrishGameDev.

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