The graph of ransomware attacks is getting higher and higher and there are no signs of slowing down. Sitting with folded hands won’t prevent you from getting victimized. Some of you may be thinking that downloading ransomware protection tools is one of the best solutions. However, there is no harm in adding the extra layer of security to stay safe against ransomware and advanced threats.

In this post, we are going to share the 10 ways to stay against ransomware and other advanced threats. So, here we go!

1. Keep Your Machine Up-To-Date

First and foremost, updates not only help you to keep you safe from unknown security holes but also provides better functionality. So, it should be everyone’s topmost priority to install the latest updates and upgrades on your system and avoid using the obsolete software as much as possible.

2. Avert New Attacks

As attackers are evolving and using advanced technology to target you almost every day. To protect yourself you also need to use an advanced, dynamic protection along with sandbox. However, make sure your computer has a strong password which is no easy to guess or crack. In fact, it is highly recommended to change your password frequently and use alpha-numeric password along with special characters.

3. Take Regular Back Up Of Your Data

Regularly taking a backup of your data not only a simple way to make sure your data is secure but also helps you to get the data back when your device is corrupted, stolen or lost. It is the easiest and simplest way to make sure your data is safe and secure no matter what you do.

4. Protect Your All The Internet Threat Vectors

As the internet is an open source, visiting suspicious websites or downloading songs from untrusted sources might infect your computer. Moreover, advanced attacks play on multiple attack vectors such as user behavior, applications, and systems. The most common attack vectors are web applications, on-site users, emails, remote users, remote access, and the network perimeter.

So, the firewall is not enough to protect your system you need a comprehensive security posture which could shield from above mentioned vectors.

5. Beware About Latest Threats

Like other virus and malware, ransomware has followed the same path to infect the computers through download, opening infected attachments, and web browsing. As most of the people are not aware of the latest ransomware and have a habit of accessing untrusted websites needs to be educated properly. Moreover, regular training from firms to their employees can make a huge difference in ransomware awareness.

6. Reveal And Detect Latent Threats Available In Your System

There are the many chances that your machine contains a number of latest threats. It could be malicious email in your inbox or hostile links, which you haven’t opened yet. So, you need to make sure all the applications, links and attachments are scanned before downloading and patched for vulnerabilities to avert threats and malware.

7. Don’t Forget Your Remote Workforce

Undoubtedly, smartphones are useful for improving productivity, collaborating with colleagues or innovation, due to which most of the employees connect via personal devices. If your machine is protected, it might lead make your system vulnerable.

8. Beware: you can be the target

Some of the users think ransomware only targets large-scale companies, not small business. However, ransomware can target any computer doesn’t matter whether it is used in a $500 company or used for personal uses. In other words, it can target any company, bank account or an individual

9. Restrict administrative and system access

Ransomware is two steps ahead then us be it in using advanced technology or find the security loopholes to targets us. Moreover, some of the ransomwares are designed in a way, that they need to use system administrator account to function their operations. So, terminating the default system administrator accounts can create an extra barrier and protect your machine from being targeted.

10. Safeguard your attack surfaces

It is highly recommended to safeguard your cloud and SaaS-based apps such as Office 365, which need a complete solution designed to centrally manage hybrid networks.

So, these are the some of the ways to stay safe against ransomware and other advanced threats.

Article written by Apoorva Bhatnagar, SEO Analyst and technical content writer.

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