The makers of software development framework Qt are working with several carmakers to introduce their new innovative digital cockpit system to the automobile market this year.

The Qt Digital Cockpit with Functional Safety Concept, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday, is an in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system that allows users to have a unified digital experience across multiple screens.
The system is part of the company’s Automotive Suite.

Tero Marjamäki, head of Qt Automotive, said the concept combines the automobile instrument cluster, which features the speedometer and other essential car information, with IVI into one interface – something that hasn’t been done before.
This will provide a simplified user experience in car cockpits.

He would not reveal the car brands Qt are partnering up with, saying collaborations are still premature to make publicly announced, but said we can expect to see the first prototypes of the system available on the market later this year.

Outside the auto industry Qt has been used by various companies like LG and Panasonic to develop their own digital applications. Qt is an open source platform and it is available to all developers.

Marjamäki said that most car companies have used Qt for their systems though they don’t want to admit it.

“It has been used by nearly all carmakers at some stage, though they don’t want to reveal that it’s Qt until after it’s released,” he said.

When asked how the system will minimize driver distractions, he said they ensure that by close collaboration with designers.

“We don’t have the UI – we have tools to build UI,” he said, “so we don’t have specific solutions, but we work together with designers and developers who create the stunning UIst we work together with designers who spot the issues and report it to us.”

Qt has also introduced a range of other features at CES, including the E-Bike Instrument Cluster and the Qt 3D Studio, a design and development tool for 3D user interfaces.

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