By @SimonCocking interview with Alok Gupta Data Scientist at Airbnb, and nw

What is your background briefly?

Currently, I’m a Director of Data Science at Airbnb and was formerly a Researcher at Stanford University. Previously, I was a Research Fellow in Mathematics at Oxford University and then a High Frequency Trader on Wall Street.

I did my graduation from University of Cambridge and post graduation in Mathematics, Finance from Imperial College, London. After this, I went on to do PhD in Financial Statistics from the University Of Oxford.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Well, given my background in mathematics and statistics, it seems very logical for me to work in Data Science which is so heavily rooted in statistics and optimization.

With the use of data in business processes and to analyse consumer behavior increasing at a rapid pace, we are at a very interesting time in history where data is one of the most important elements behind the success of a company. At Airbnb, data science has played a great role along with other processes in making it the multi-billion dollar company that it is today.

Why did you get involved with DenCity?

I have been investing in cryptocurrencies for the past 4 years and DenCity strikes me as solving a particular problem as we progress to spending more time in the virtual world. Along with this, the idea of making the world’s first blockchain enabled VR city is really exciting for me.

One of the reasons I work at Airbnb is that I believe that we are building a world-changing product. This is the same reason that I joined the DenCity Advisory Board as I personally believe that the team is building a product that is going to re-define and re-invent VR environments and experiences forever.

Moreover, at Airbnb, we have petabytes of data generated everyday and by analysing this data, we are able to curate a perfect experience for our users. This process has played an essential part in the success of Airbnb. With my experience in data sciences, I hope to mentor the team at DenCity to realise its dream of taking Blockchain to masses.

I won’t be surprised if DenCity becomes a unicorn in the next three years as they are in the right space at perfectly the right time with a great and passionate team.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

Well, for any idea to become to become a successful business, it needs to fulfill four basic criteria namely Vision, Product, Technology and a capable team.

As I mentioned earlier, DenCity’s vision of building the world’s first blockchain enabled city using virtual reality is one of the most interesting ones I have come across in the recent times.

Also, the way they are unifying three different technologies i.e Blockchain for cryptographic control, AI for procedural generation and VR to help a user interact with a platform is truly amazing .

Along with this, the team is highly capable enough to deliver such a project.

How can people find out more about the ICO

 About DenCity, you can check out the website or directly contact Diego on Twitter in case queries. If you wish to interact with the team behind the project, you can join the official Telegram handle of DenCity here.

I am proud to let you know that DenCity has raised more than $1.5M in their pre-sale in just 12 days and they recently opened a whale round for a very short period of time.

Their thought behind keeping a short time period and a limited supply for the whale round is that they want to offer a majority proportion of the DNX tokens to the general public/retail investors as they believe in building a community and ecosystem of users for the main platform and not just raising a huge amount of money in the token sale from non-users. 

How can people find out about your work?

You can go my website to know more about me. You can also find me on LinkedIn and on Twitter, I am available at @alokgupta83.

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