Zapaygo, the powerful and convenient on-demand mobile ordering and payment platform for the entertainment, hospitality and leisure sectors, have launched their exclusive Affiliate Bonus Token Program as part of their ICO (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP ) The affiliate programme will give members the opportunity to earn bonus tokens through direct and indirect referrals.

As outlined in Zapaygo’s white paper, the ZAP token will be the exclusive way to interact on the RewardZ MarketPlace, which will be a membership-based loyalty and rewards platform that compliments Zapaygo already existing core offering platform. They are currently in the private sale stages of their ICO where they have closed their first release already and the Affiliate Bonus Token Programme will currently be offered for the final private sales round.

The Token Affiliation program will help give members of the public the opportunity to become involved with Zapaygo at an exciting time as they set to roll out into venues in 2019.

Further to this, Zapaygo has introduced a limited time offer where for every $1 paid, members will be allocated $1 of tokenised bonds at zero costs.


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Please see our ICO Video & White Paper:

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