By @SimonCocking review of Working in the Gig Economy by Thomas Oppong. 

Working in the Gig Economy by Thomas Oppong is out 3rd October, published by Kogan Page, priced £14.99, & available from Amazon here.

The “Gig Economy” is a trend that often gets a lot of bad publicity in the business press, but Thomas Oppong (author of new book, Working in the Gig Economy, published by Kogan Page, October 2018) argues that it actually provides fantastic opportunities, both for individuals to start working for themselves, and for businesses to tap into a growing pool of talented specialists and work in a more agile way.

Thomas’ book is packed with practical advice for people who are looking to make the leap into self-employment, and for how businesses can make the most of the new ‘gig work’ culture. 

Working in the Gig Economy explains how the linear CV of employment history is becoming a thing of the past, as ambitious individuals now compile a portfolio of their most compelling work to present to potential employers. It provides practical steps that anyone can take to follow their passion, regain control of their time, escape the 9-to-5 grind and start enjoying a freelance life.

This book is well written and covers all of the bases in a logical progression. Where are you now? Do you want to become more flexible in your working habits? What is the gig economy? How can you become a gig worker? How do you do it right? Then he also talks with people who have made the plunge and are now happily following this path, and doing well at it.

If you are contemplating this career option, or have perhaps been pushed into it by a company looking to outsource it’s work requirements then this is a helpful book to read. As someone who embarked on this path several years ago I found myself nodding in agreement at many points during the book. Oppong’s advice reads true, is accurate, and well considered. This may not be the only book at there, but his suggestions are good ones and you won’t lose by reading this book and acting upon the ideas inside it. You may find yourself in this position, by design or accident, so no harm preparing yourself for your new future of work.

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