An Interview with CyClean’s Founder and CEO

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing CyClean’s very own founder and CEO.

Hello, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Dae Young Kim, and I am the founder and CEO of CyClean. My English name is David Young.

Could you tell us about your cryptocurrency, CyClean?

Sure. Let me start with the name. CyClean is a fusion of “cycle” and “clean.” The dictionary definition of cycle is “the phenomenon of an object changing shape and returning to its original form.” We’ve added to the world “cycle” the word “clean,” which means “free from pollution.” By combining these to words, we are talking about an object changing shape and then returning to a clean form.

CyClean works in two ways. First, people start off healthy, but they become sick. Then, they become well again. This is one aspect of the CyClean movement. Also, the earth was originally at a clean state, but it has become polluted. The CyClean movement aims to restore the earth to a clean condition. That is how CyClean is tied to the environment.

CyClean is more than just a cryptocurrency. We want to make people healthier and the world a cleaner place through the CyClean movement.

We’ve heard that CyClean has an easy-to-understand mining method. Could you tell us more about this?

The traditional way of mining with blockchain technology involves CPUs, GPUs, ASICs, and a lot of electricity consumption. But this is difficult for the average person to understand and take advantage of. The 4th Industrial Revolution should help make production and consumption easier, more accessible, and more convenient for all people. But we found these things hard to grasp for the average person. That is why we wanted to developed a system wherein people could mine cryptocurrencies without having knowledge about programming and algorithms.

For this reason, CyClean is a pre-mined token. All four billion tokens have already been mined, and our mining process is quite different from the traditional ways of mining. Like I mentioned before, we reward people for exercising, for making the world a cleaner place, and for participating in policies that help our environment.

To put it simply, CyClean rewards you for staying healthy. For example, if you use CyClean’s health band and walk around, you receive CyClean tokens in proportion to the distance you walk. If you ride our indoor bicycle, you are rewarded with CyClean tokens in proportion to the distance you ride. We want to give people an incentive to exercise and maintain proper health. Whoever participates in this healthy lifestyle can mine CyClean tokens.

With respect to the environment, fine dust is a problem for a lot of people. Gas emissions from cars and motorcycles are the main cause of this fine dust. Riding around in cars and motorcycles produces toxic gases, but CyClean’s products don’t. CyClean’s electric bicycle, scooter, and automobile do not produce any emissions, and when you ride them around, you are actively participating in shaping the environment for the better. Because of your contribution you are rewarded with CyClean tokens.

When we talk about the environment, we also must mention electricity as an energy source. Over 70% of all electricity generated in Korea comes from thermo and nuclear power plants. These production means indirectly pollute the environment. The more electricity we use, the more pollution is produced. However, we can solve this by using renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and magnetic energy. People who produce energy with these sources are rewarded with CyClean tokens. One of our products is the household solar panel. You can install it on your veranda to generate electricity. You mine CyClean tokens in proportion to the watts that you produce.

Although you may not know about computer algorithms or hash rates, as long as you work out, generate your own electricity, and ride CyClean’s electric bikes and automobiles, you are able to mine CyClean tokens. This is CyClean’s unique mining system.

We talked about mining tokens with CyClean products. Which product do you use most frequently?

I personally ride the indoor health bike the most. One of the health bike’s special features is that it can be connected to games on your smart phone. Currently, there are a total of 15 games that you can play. I play these games with my children, who are both in middle school. When my kids come home from school, we battle each other on the health bike. We play different racing games. As we compete, we sometimes make bets and have tons of fun while we exercise. The best part is my children are too young to know about mining. After each game, I am able to see how much mining was done. Then I smile every so slightly. The kids don’t know why I’m smiling. They ask me why I’m smiling when I lose the race. They think that I like to lose. They don’t know that I’m actually winning (wink).

What are your short term and long term goals for CyClean?

Our short term goal is to expand the CyClean platform as quickly as we can. The reason is cryptography is one of the ten major technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is hard to deny this. While this is true, this technology hasn’t yet been recognized as one that allows for fast payments, stability, and trust. We want the world to see that CyClean can provide a faster, more convenient payment ecosystem for the world to use. Everything is pretty complicated at this point, but we want to change that. That’s our short term goal.

Our long term goal is aligned with CyClean’s values. CyClean’s greatest vision is to improve our environment. The environment did not get better and then worse. It has consistently gotten worse with the passing of time. But we at CyClean want to expand our platform so that in ten, twenty, or even 100 years, posterity would see that CyClean played a role in changing the earth for the better. We want researchers and economists to see this. The truth is the world is heading towards environmental restoration. We are turning to electric vehicles. It is CyClean’s goal to expedite this process. Our long term objective is to create a better environment for our children.

Our second goal is to install solar panels in places that do not have electricity. A lot of non-profit organizations are already doing this. Electricity is important for these people, as it improves their lives significantly. Electricity will help these people in many ways. CyClean also aims to help relieve them of hunger and to solve the famine crisis.

We want to provide CyClean’s solar panels to these people and allow them to not only produce energy but to also mine CyClean tokens. After all, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is fair, as it is focused on the sharing economy. A CyClean token that is worth 50 cents in Korea is worth the same 50 cents anywhere in the world. So although installing CyClean’s solar panels will not make you a millionaire, people will at least no longer suffer from starvation. We want to create this environment, where we can help those who are deprived of food. This is CyClean’s mid to long term goal.

Could you tell us more about the relationship between CyClean and JPAY?

To put it simply, JPAY is CyClean’s father, and CyClean is JPAY’s son. JPAY platform’s values are completely in line with CyClean’s values. The difference between the two is anyone can receive JPAY coins. But with CyClean, you have to make an initial investment. It could be a product or the token. The reason why these two operate together is anyone can earn JPAY coins, but you need a smart phone to do so. But people in some areas do not own smart phones. On the other hand, people in these areas have bicycles and other means of transportation. That is why JPAY can be earned without any money, but it requires a smartphone. CyClean requires an initial investment, but once you have the initial investment, you will be able to mine tokens. JPAY and CyClean supplement each other.

Technologically, JPAY is a payment protocol. One problem that exists for all cryptocurrencies is the fact that they are not easily used for payment. If CyClean did not have JPAY, then it would require much time to make a payment with CyClean. However, because we have the JPAY protocol, CyClean can be used as a payment currency immediately. That is why we need JPAY’s payment platform. The two help each other out.


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