WordKik Parental Control is a new android application which aims to help parents tackle online cyber bullying and other areas of concern. The developers also claim WordKik is the first android application which can notify parents if their children are using bad language on their smart phones and tablets.

WordKik is aiming to offer an overall solution for parents who are worried about their child’s online activities. Parents will never need to go through their child’s phone or tablet as the app will notify them of undesirable activity.

The app is available to download for free with extra features available as in app purchases.

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Once the app is installed, parents are instantly notified when their children use profane language on social networking apps or on the internet.

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WordKik also notifies you when your child goes to an inappropriate website.
When adult content is detected, the child’s browser is automatically locked which prevents them from seeing pornography or violence for example.







Other features include :

  • Geo-location tracking of your child’s devices.
  • Locking/unlocking individual apps on your child’s phone or tablet.
  • Time locking of your child’s device

To download the app head over to this link and for further information, please visit http://www.wordkik.com

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