Facebook has updated statistics on its employee diversity and the results are pretty disappointing when compared to previous results, especially for advocates of diversity in tech. 91% of the company’s employees are white or Asian. 

The most recent employer information report which covered 2013 shows more detail of the company’s diversity efforts and it seems as if numbers are not changing as much and as fast as people would like them to.

The report shows a net gain of 1,231 US based employees in 2013 however of those new employees there was only six black men and one black woman.Thirty of the employees are listed as biracial and while the official 2014 report has not been released yet, the figures are consistent with the company’s most recent diversity data.

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Tech companies in general seemed to have struggled to diversify the workplace in terms of both gender and race. Airbnb released diversity data to The Verge earlier in the year and a similar spit was seen as the one in Facebook so the problem is not exclusive to one particular tech company.

In their blog post, Facebook highlighted their ongoing efforts to cultivate a more diverse employee pool.

“Diversity is central to Facebook’s mission of creating a more open and connected world: it’s good for our products and for our business,” the company said. “It’s vital for us to have a broad range of perspectives, including people of different genders, races, ages, sexual orientations, characteristics, and points of view.”



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