WordKik have released two new products called “WordKik Parental Control” (Parent’s app) and a safe browser called “WordKik Browser” (Child’s app).

WordKik focuses on helping parents to quickly manage their children’s devices remotely from their own phones. “Currently parents have no clue what their children are doing on their devices or online. How can parents make sure that their children aren’t seeing inappropriate content online?”

With WordKik parents receive weekly statistics about what their children are doing on their devices. Parents also have peace of mind knowing their children won’t come across adult content while they’re exploring the internet as the WordKik Browser blocks all content deemed to be unfit for a young child. WordKik Browser becomes the default browser on the child’s device and can’t be uninstalled without the parents pin code.

Features WordKik provides:

Limit App Usage – Parents can individually set daily limits for apps their children use and if their children go over their limit, they get a notification saying “10 mins remaining for Instagram” for example.
Time Lock – Parents can schedule time locks throughout the week for their children’s entire device to be locked. This is great for parents because they can create time locks for homework, dinner time or bed time knowing that their children won’t be distracted with their devices.
Weekly Statistics – Parents receive weekly statistics about what apps their children use. Parents for the first time will know how long their children spend on apps and what category those apps fall into.
Location Tracking – If child’s device goes missing you can remotely lock it down or you can find it on a map.
Geo-fencing – Parents can create geo-fences so they can get notified when their child enters or leaves a certain place.
Blocking inappropriate images/videos or website containing adult content.

How the Apps work:

The parent installs the parent app called “WordKik Parental Control” onto their own phone or tablet then the parent installs the “WordKik Browser” onto their child’s device. Once installed all the parent has to do is scan a QR code which is displayed on the child’s WordKik Browser app and the two apps are linked

The app is available to download now for Android with an iOS version releasing shortly. For more info visit http://www.wordkik.com

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