Tomorrow will be a big day for Microsoft’s servers worldwide, as it’s the last day that you can avail of the free upgrade to Windows 10. After tomorrow it will cost you €135 if you wish to upgrade to Windows 10 on your pc, and if you are still thinking about upgrading from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, don’t let the fact that it will soon cost you to upgrade sway you. In fact, if you are happy with the current operating system that you are using why upgrade it now?how_to_stay_on_windows_7_and_8_forever_full-screen_promptWindows 10 is a marked improvement on Windows 8 and 8.1 but is it worth upgrading to it?  That’s a question that’s not as easy to answer because it depends on what you use your computer for and also what software and hardware you use. Two of the main reasons people are wary of upgrading is legacy software that they may be running on their pc and older printers and scanners that they might be using.

There is a good chance any legacy software you are using may not be compatible with Windows 10, and you may not have the option of upgrading to a later version. If you have the option to upgrade to a later version of the software, it might be costly and you may not need the latest version. You may also be using older printers or scanners that may not be compatible with Windows 10, forcing you into upgrading your hardware.

By upgrading to Windows 10, you will be getting a safe and secure operating system and the reassurance that you will always receive security updates and fixes. If you decide to stay using a computer that is running Window 7, you will continue to receive security updates and fixes until January 2020, and a computer running Windows 8 will be fully supported until 2023.

If your computer is running Windows 7, I would highly recommend that you don’t upgrade to Windows 10, and, if your computer is running Windows 8 or 8.1 then it might be worth thinking about. If you decide to upgrade or keep the operating system you currently have, don’t forget to update your browsers, especially since Microsoft stopped supporting browsers older than Internet Explorer 11 earlier this year and always have anti-virus software installed on your computer.

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