Analog Devices International (ADI) hosted the latest Connecting Women in Technology (CWIT) Seminar in Limerick today. CWIT is an initiative to help attract and retain women in technology.

Attended by some of Ireland’s most forward thinking and influential employers, the event took an informed look at the future and provided insights to empower delegates to capitalise on the many opportunities ahead.

The keynote speaker at the ‘Future World of Work’ event was Emma Birchall, Head of Research of Hot Spots Movement who outlined the trends impacting work in a global, technological, changing and connected future.

She was joined by panelists Jennifer Hoffman, Director, Culture and Engagement ADI, Maryam Tahhan, Network Software Engineer Intel and Anthony Quigney, Director, Dell Technologies Solution Centres EMEA, Dell EMC.

Emma Birchall, Head of Research of Hot Spots Movement, said, “Massive change and disruption to the world of work is coming. It has been estimated that 47% of jobs are highly susceptible to automation in the next two decades. A third of the world’s graduates come from China and India alone. Vast swathes of our population will now live into their hundreds. If organisations want to remain competitive and if employees want to remain employable, they need to know about these trends and how they will need to prepare. The skills in demand are changing faster than ever before, career models need to evolve and our approach to work needs to be more fluid.”

Jennifer Hoffman, Director Culture and Engagement, ADI, said, “Today’s event was about understanding the future world of work and how we can bridge the gap so that we, and our employees, are better prepared for and ahead of what’s possible. By 2020, there will be five generations represented in the workforce. That, coupled with people living longer, will require employers to be creative in how they attract and engage talent at all stages.”

Speaking about Analog’s involvement, Jennifer Hoffman, said “We believe that Analog Devices has an important role to play in supporting and empowering women in our industry. It’s through partnerships like this that we can connect, engage and collaborate with women and give them the tools to carve out a successful and fruitful career in ICT.”

Attending the event were representatives from Intel, Dell EMC, J&J Vision Care (Ireland), GM, Cook Medical , Northern Trust, Uber, Stryker, Regeneron, UL, LIT, IBEC, the IITD and the Trainers Learning Skillnet group.

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