Today the ISPCC launched its new digital animation and print advertisement for Childline, reminding young people that “you’re not on your own”. The ad highlights the availability of Childline’s text service, which received over 18,000 contacts last year, and is growing in popularity; Childline received almost 440,000 contacts last year across its phone, text and online services.

The concept for the ad was created by the creative team in Ogilvy & Mather which has been a long-time supporter of the ISPCC. The development of the advertisement was supported by funding from the National Office for Suicide Prevention’s Connecting for Life programme.

Set in a typical teenager’s bedroom, with the posters and pictures of teenage years and the soft toys and of childhood still apparent, it contains dozens of separate animations, each singly brought to life to reflect the young person’s mood.

Grainia Long, ISPCC CEO, said today “We are delighted to launch this creative and engaging advertisement for our Childline text service. The children and young people who contact the ISPCC do so for a whole range of reasons, some life-changing, some more every-day, but all of those reasons are hugely important to them. When you feel down, your whole world can too. But we are here, always, to listen, and to help young people find the resilience that they need to cope with the challenges they face in life.”

“We are extremely grateful to all of the immensely talented and creative people who gave so generously of their skills and their time to make this advertisement a reality. We want young people all over Ireland to see this ad, so please like and share it as much as possible. We’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in helping us to share it and get the message out to as many young people as possible: “you’re not on your own”.”

Childline answers over 1,200 contacts from children all over Ireland, every single day, and night. Children contact Childline to talk about everything from everyday troubles to major life issues, with thousands of calls every year from children experiencing issues such as loneliness, isolation, bullying, distress and abuse. 69 per cent of calls are from boys, with girls using the text and online services more frequently. Last year Childline answered 421,672 calls to the phone service and 18,304 contacts to its Childline online service options, 67% of those contacts were made by girls.

The ad was brought to life by a team of committed volunteers, including Marcus Hartung and Emma Fielding for Ogilvy, produced by Conor McGuinness of McGoo media, filmed by Kieron J Walsh and Glen Collins in Pull the Trigger, while the incredible post-production was done by Hubert Montag and Jake Walshe in Screenscene, with sound by Dean Jones. Print photography was by Liam Murphy and Lee Hickman. The advertisement was acted by emerging actress Abby Fitzmorris and the voice over was by actress India Mullen.

The ad, “You’re not on your own”, is hosted on the ISPCC’s YouTube account and will run on some digital platforms for several weeks. Through the ISPCC’s partnership with Dublin Airport Authority, it is visible in terminal one and two and the ISPCC is seeking interested media partners to help push the ad through various channels. The ISPCC is seeking to share and like it online with as many people as possible.

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