Clash & GO has already made a lot of buzz long before its release on Google Play and App Store (available August, 20).


Who stands behind this game and why its release could become a groundbreaking moment for mobile games?


Elyland LLC is not a newcomer: the company has more than 10 years of experience in game development and has already successfully launched one AR game – Draconius GO, which in some opinions was even better than Pokemon GO (Forbes). It even provoked a conflict between Niantic, Inc. and Elyland LLC (Forbes).


What’s so noteworthy?

This year Elyland has launched a new AR game – Clash & GO, recognized as the world’s first augmented reality strategy game (Brash Games).


Clash & GO combines a fun geolocation game in augmented reality (AR) and an epic city-building strategy game with real-time battles. Simply put – the game combines Clash of Clans with Pokémon GO (Gotta be Mobile)


In a city-building strategy genre the game competes with Clash of Clans, and in AR geolocation genre the rival is Pokemon GO. By combining killer features of both genres (and by being the first to offer players such fusion) Clash & GO is able to bring the gameplay to a whole new level.

Advantages over Strategy games:

  1. Clash & GO is a truly open world geolocation game. The game area is as big as planet Earth itself. No other Base Building mobile game has ever offered anything like this before.
  2. Players can go out and explore the AR map, collect resources and other rewards. They can attack geoobjects controlled by other players or capture unoccupied ones while meeting new people doing the same.


Advantages over GO games

  1. Complex and deep gameplay including developing player’s base, training troops and then engaging in tower defence battles with other players.
  2. Full-fledged RPG system. Players’ Heroes earn experience in rating battles against other players (PvP), and possess an expanded set of skills and modules.
  3. Rich social interaction is provided by group tasks, clans, and chats created to cater for the need for communication.


Clash & GO is based on the Elyland company-owned technology tested on more than one million Draconius GO players, so the game should be really fun and stable.




+ Build an impregnable asteroid base

+ Assemble different types of units into a victorious army

+ Level up your hero with classic RPG elements

+ Explore an Earth-sized open world

+ Hunt for ancient treasures and powerful artifacts

+ Complete quests by exploring interesting and significant locations IRL

+ Find and capture useful buildings for your gain

+ Shape the augmented reality world to your desire

+ Engage other players in fierce PvP battles

+ Earn special game score and reach the top of the player ratings

+ Create a clan with your friends and wage war to control your neighborhood!


Elyland decided to go even further and integrate blockchain technologies in Clash & GO.


Where is the blockchain?


Blockchain provides transparency, security and immutability.

CGO tokens are like a superpower that allows you to manipulate the Clash & GO augmented world, making it different for other players as well. Such a power should not be used irresponsibly. Everyday, a report will be created, which includes: distribution of tokens on in-game wallets, token transactions inside the game, received revenue to be spend on burning tokens, token sales on the in-game auction, etc.


Since blockchain token is based on money, it is the most adequate tool for balancing the changes in the world of Clash & GO augmented reality.


Another Blockchain advantage for Clash & GO is Ethereum smart contracts that guarantee that the number of tokens from delayed emission for the in-game auction will not be altered.


And the last one, Blockchain gives an ability to run an initial coin offering (ICO) to acquire investments for huge marketing campaigns (VentureBeat).



By combining two of the most popular mobile games by Sensor Tower research  (Clash of Clans and Pokémon GO) in 2018 Elyland have created a completely new genre – AR mobile strategy.


Taking in consideration Elyland’s experience with AR game Draconius GO and more than 77 million players total in previous projects, there is no doubt that Clash & GO will be a high quality viable product. This project also received huge buzz thanks to integrated Blockchain and launched ICO to acquire a huge $25,000,000 marketing budget (



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