You would think that in 2018 we would exist in a post wire world, one where clumps of dust and feathers (is that just me?) no longer gather round the back of our TV sets, making us sick during the ten minutes it takes to figure out which HDMI lead is connected to the DVD player, or why the Scart connection keeps popping out like a disinterested lover.

Add a 3d surround system into the mix and you might just reach Peak Wire, and blow a fuse.

Thankfully, those clever people at Sky have designed a sound system that is easy to connect, relatively fuss free and, well, really loud.

The Soundbox – of which I speak – is indeed a box shaped object that makes sound. The sound is commendable. When a truck passes in the background of a scene in Eastenders you can still hear it when it is halfway down the Channel Tunnel. Big sounds explode, to a point of arousing tears, particularly when you’ve sat on the remote control and cranked up the volume by accident, as I am prone to doing.

Sky customers can use the Soundbox with Sky Q, which (and I’m assuming you have an heroically ostentatious television) actually makes the telly look and sound so much better than real life. In fact after a few days, I found myself feeling quite disappointed by nature and ordinary things. Gazing upon a vista of lightly sun-dappled flowers accompanied by a light breeze whistling faintly in the trees, I found myself thinking, “This would look and sound so much better at home on my big telly”. It was then that I knew I had to hand it back.

Perhaps you will be stronger. If you are, you will doubtlessly enjoy the thumping bass but please be mindful of structural subsidence.

My one reservation? It’s quite big and works best placed in front of your television set. In front of my television set, there is just about room for my legs to stretch out from the couch.

If possible, move to a larger house before purchasing this device.

The Soundbox costs a mere €299 if you are already a Sky maximalist and have Sky Q Multiscreen. Other Sky Customers can purchase one for €399. The rest of you may as well forget about it (€949 for non Sky Customers. You could probably buy a second pair of ears for less).

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