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I don’t usually write articles like this, however over the weekend I discovered something on a local business Facebook page which made me particularly angry. The business in question was a local gym and they had decided to start a blog. However their first few blog posts were photos of their MS document uploaded onto Facebook.

Then they decided to go onto a blogging platform after making three posts. To my dismay they chose to use Blogger. Now I am not going to name this business, not only would that be unfair but also I get a sense that despite making an absolute mess of starting a blog, they are trying.

However, nothing gets me more frustrated when I pump out all of this content and advise…for free…you can consume it…for free…and then a business goes and does the opposite of everything I talk about. They may be putting effort in to the actual content, however there has clearly been no though process behind starting the blog.

Moving on, these days I work exclusively with WordPress. It is hands down the best blogging tool you can use. The very first blogs I ever started were actually on a platform called Blogger. The company started in the late 90’s, had a few ups and downs before being eventually bought out by Google. Blogger rose in popularity because of Google’s name and online presence.

However, it is one platform I would never recommend anyone use. Not if you are serious about your blogging and everyone should be serious about their blog because if you are not serious about it then I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be updating it 4 months from now.

This is why I wouldn’t advise you use Blogger when you are starting up.

Ownership of content

Blogger is a free blogging service which is hosted by Google. It is reliable, and it is easy to set up and start publishing content to the web. However, it is not owned by you. Much like the problems we have discussed regarding content on Facebook Pages in the past, the content you post to Blogger is owned by Google.

They have the right to remove, shut down your blog or revoke your access to your blog at any time. Not good if you are trying to run a blog for your business, when you host on WordPress you have complete control over your content and access.


Blogger is highly limited. You are going to struggle to make your blog stand out from the crowd using the Blogger platform and if you want to make it big in this game then you really need to stand out big time. In comparison, WordPress is open source so you can easily extend functionality with thousands of plugins to choose from.

Moving to a new service

Moving away from Blogger is not an easy process either. They have a function which allows you to export your data however there is a significant chance you will lose subscribers, SEO rankings and followers, why? Because even though you can export from Blogger, your data is still going to be hanging around Google’s servers for some time.

Blogger is simply not taken seriously enough

Harsh as it may be, Blogger as a platform simply is not taken seriously enough. Developers and designers are creating for WordPress. Plugins, themes and added functionality is all being created for WordPress.

All you have to do is go to Google and look at the sheer number of themes and plugins that have been developed so far. Want to start a blog and be taken seriously by the wider blogging community? Don’t use Blogger. Want to start a blog for your business or a business you work for? Don’t use Blogger.


It is hard to tell what the future holds for Blogger to he honest. There has not been a major update in a long time so by putting your blog and content up on Blogger you are literally at the mercy of Google and that should worry you.

We have seen Google kill off popular services such as Google Reader, Adsense for feeds as well as the fact that they are currently as good as taking apart Google+ from what it once was.

Google decides the future of Blogger and they can close it whenever they see fit. That means you are completely dependant of Google keeping the service up and running, do you really want to take that risk?

The best option you have is to go with a platform like WordPress. Choose a platform where you have control over your content and your data.

Bonus: Amy from Savvy Sexy Social on why you should bail on Blogger:


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