Cubic Telecom today announced further reductions to its voice, SMS and data rates on MAXROAM, its global SIM card-based B2C offering. The new rates are effective today in 16 Latin American, African and the Middle Eastern countries. The MAXROAM global single SIM solution can be used in over 180 countries and allows users save up to 90 percent on global connectivity costs.

Visitors to countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Grenada, Honduras, Guatemala, Suriname, Panama, Guyana and Peru will now pay just €0.15c per MB of data, and €0.30c per minute on calls with a pre-paid MAXROAM SIM. Today’s announcement standardises rates across Latin America as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay and Nicaragua.

Due to Cubic’s collection of agreements with Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators worldwide, users can connect to local networks, and enjoy local rates. MAXROAM customers automatically connect to these local network partners as they travel, and inevitably enjoy faster, more reliable data speeds and competitive local rates for voice, text and data services.

“We’re very excited to be introducing further savings for our customers, especially in Latin America as this becomes a more popular travel destination. MAXROAM provides cost control and reliable connectivity for those travelling abroad,” said Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom. “With MAXROAM our customers are part of the family no matter where they go, with superior connectivity and savings up to 90 percent compared to traditional rate plans.”

Reduced MAXROAM price plans will also take effect today in Tanzania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bosnia, Botswana and Mongolia, along with the inclusion of the 9 Latin American countries listed above to the Global bundles footprint. MAXROAM offers several types of bundles to customers, depending on where they are travelling to such as Europe-wide bundles, USA bundles and various global bundles. To learn more about the MAXROAM global SIM card please visit

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