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Yesterday we tackled why you shouldn’t be a blogger highlighting the amount of time it takes, the dedication, the commitment, the hustle and the simple fact that a lot of blogs which get started up right now – as in started today – will be closed in a number of months. 

Blogging is simply not for everyone. Anyone can start a blog but building it into a success where you see a return and where you can grow as an authority figure in your area of expertise is a whole different ball game. The most common pit fall people are lured into is that they think blogging is easy, however that turns out to be far from the truth.

Despite that, I think that there are certain people who should definitely start a blog if they have not done so already. So here we are, if any of the following tick the box for you then you should definitely be a blogger because despite the hard work and hustle needed – the reward will be there at the end.

It’s your new CV

I feel that one page CV’s are slowly dropping off in terms of importance. A document outlining what you have achieved and what skills and education you have is still required of course for pretty much every job out there. However, employers are looking for something to set you apart from the rest. Get it right and your blog with your content can be that CV.

The strongest part of my CV, the part that I believe in the most is not a list of my skills of what schools I attended. It is the link to my blog and my website. That is where you can see exactly what I can do for you. When you go to my website you see me, you see my advice and my opinions. That is why I wanted to start building around my personal brand.

I’m not a guru, this is not guru advice. This is real practical advice for you to use so you can grow a business online. The website I have built online and the content I produce every week is far more powerful than any one page CV I could drum up. As time goes by and as employers look outside one page CV’s for more, it will become even more powerful.

Get it right and put the time and hustle into blogging and you can build a powerful addition on to your CV.

Network and build an online presence

When I started writing for Irish Tech News I had a measly 500 followers on Twitter. That number didn’t really change all that much either, it was pretty static. However when I started blogging for ITN, that number started to grow and it continues to grow every single day.

At the moment I have just passed the 2,000 follower mark and every single day new people follow me on Twitter. It is still a very small number in the grand scheme of things however the point is that when you start to blog and people take notice it can help you grow a network.

A network that you can tap into for advice and help. So I can tweet a question to my followers, now sometimes it will go unanswered and thats all good. However, 9 times out of 10 I will get some kind of reply from someone out there. As well as that, blogging can help you be seen online even if you don’t think that is the case.

Just because I have around 2,000 followers that does not mean my reach is limited to 2,000. Far from it, my content is being seen by people who are not followers as well. Tweet impressions are a good indicator as to how many people are seeing your tweets over a certain time period. Here is the tweet impressions I have had over the past 28 days.

Now that number is built up over time, you won’t get returns like this overnight. If you want to be seen, if you want a platform where you can talk and people will listen then blogging is how to do it. Just remember, not everyone is going to be listened to. You need to keep creating great content with awesome value if you want to hit high numbers and become a respected blogger.

Peace of mind

Writing and producing content can be a fantastic therapy and outlet for you. I am living proof of this. When my younger brother died in November 2012, some months after I started writing online again but with a different approach than I had before. I started thinking about it more professionally and thought of it as a business. That approach is one I maintain today however at the time writing was more than that. It was an outlet. My blogs were not personal content but writing them was a chance to zone out and go to a place where I could focus on the content and feel good about it.

It is still an outlet, writing is something I love to do now which is odd because back in school I hated it. I know that my grammar skills are probably a mess to teachers. I probably put commas and semi-colons in all the wrong places but the great thing about blogging is you don’t need to have perfect grammar. So don’t let that hold you back either! As long as you can spell and the sentence makes sense when you read it, that is the important thing.

Build your brand

Create your own PR machine and build a brand. If you are working on your own project or your own business then a blog is a great place to grow an online presence. It is public relations 101 on the internet, it allows you to surface content on a specific genre.

Content that could win you new business. You don’t need to use radio, TV or print anymore. Market like it is 2016 and play in the whitespace while others debate the ROI. When you do that you will win in the long term, it may not feel like a short term gain but sometimes you have to look down the line and not focus so much on right now.

Become an authority figure

A blog can help you establish yourself as an authority figure in the industry you are blogging to. When you produce great content and you back it up with results, you will become respected in the industry. When I was blogging in my teens we used to approach companies asking if they wanted us to run press releases or ask them for products to review. Most of the time we would get no reply but now it is not something I had to do anymore.

Once you establish yourself, companies and businesses will come to you. They will want you to review their products and run their press releases because they know that your site carries meaning. They know that you are an established authority figure in the industry and when you stand up to endorse a product or talk about something people will listen.

Want to establish authority? Build a blog with great content.

Final thoughts

If any of these tick the box for you then blogging is something you should definitely consider if you have not done so already. You just need to approach it with clear expectations, you more than likely won’t find success instantly and try not to compare yourself to other blogs. Remember, they have been building communities and networks for years so when you look at what they have and compare it to what you don’t have then you will find yourself disheartened quickly.

There are without doubts benefits to blogging. You can tell a story, establish authority, create opportunity and more but the key is great content. You may notice that I keep mentioning “great content.”

It is a cliche but stands true none the less – content is king. If you start a blog today, before you start that first post you need to consider the value of what you are providing to the reader. You always have to create value, if you keep pumping out content which has no value then you can blog forever. Chances are very few people will read.

The rewards are there if you get it right, blogging can be one of two things – extremely fulfilling or a bottomless lonely pit. It could also be both!

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