It’s the first question anybody asks when they look at cryptocurrency – how do I buy it from fiat? In fact, when asking that first question no one uses the term ‘fiat’ as yet because there is only one kind of money in their mind – regular money, ‘normal’ money, that they can hold in their hand, in their wallet and in their bank.

People talk about fiat currencies dying very quickly. It’s that kind of talk that makes the Jamie Dimons of this world worried. But the submersion of fiat to cryptocurrency is not going to happen overnight – there needs to be an accommodation of the old world in the new.

Most ICOs and Blockchain projects acknowledge this need to still think in terms of the new world and the old world. They recognise their investors and contributors need to take their fiat money and bring it to their platform. In the proliferation of new projects and coins, investors are only concerned that should the project be a success, that the coins will be listed on mainstream exchanges so that they can either trade them in for other alt coins or back them out into fiat.

This is the bottleneck – allowing for a successful project – of firstly having the coins listed and then secondly for the contributors being able to convert them into mainstream coins or back into fiat.

Aside from the difficulty of mastering wallets and exchanges, there is also the issue of fees. While they may seem small and insignificant for many coins, they still erode the value of the deposit.

Is there an easy answer to this confusion? The result is a resounding yes in the form of the upcoming Tokpie ICO. It addresses the issue of exchanging alt and fiat coins, any of them, as well as taking zero commission. Yes, you heard that right – zero commission.

Tokpie, which presale begins on May 1, 2018 and whose website is, is an innovative project that stands on the shoulders of the exchanges that have gone before.

Firstly, there is zero commission. There will never be exchange fees charged to the users on the platform. This is unique in the crypto trading world, in fact, any fiat trading world, where fees are not charged. You may wonder how an exchange will make money with zero commission.  The answer is that their business model is two tiered.

For people exchanging less than $100,000 of trades in a given year, the service will always be free. For people and businesses trading more than that, there is a small subscription fee – on why business would opt for a subscription fee more later (see next article – Why Crypto businesses need a platform for being able to easily exchange tokens with any fiat worldwide).

Secondly, Tokpie is designed to be peer to peer, which means that no one has to ‘make a market’. It also means that there is no centralized exchange. There’s no single point of failure, Tokpie doesn’t touch any fiat money.  Instead, Tokpie organizes trades between peers, anywhere, and in any fiat or altcoin.

The really clever thing about Tokpie is the simplicity of the concept. The match is made between peers, the seller deposits the digital assets into TOKPIE’S cold storage wallet, and once the payment is confirmed by the seller, Tokpie updates the ledger to reflect the transfer from seller to buyer. The only thing Tokpie doesn’t do is exchange fiat to fiat – that’s what the roughly US$5 Trillion market in FOREX is for.

Think about the worry that this model takes out of trading. Your funds are not vulnerable to regulatory oversight, hacking, scamming, theft (unless of course you divulge your own private keys). And traders can rate their counterparts with a trust factor, think airBNB.

Finally, the reason TokPie is going to skyrocket at ICO is that it is offering a universal exchange. Any fiat and any crypto coin can be exchanged on the platform between two people using a smart contract.

That last sentence should blow anyone’s mind who has struggled to find the right exchange to trade their fiat or crypto.  This is a huge benefit to everyone. And the underlying TKP token is integral to the platform, and ownership of TKP unlocks sophisticated trading functionality that traders, brokers, and businesses all need to function, and flourish, in the cryptocurrency market.

This is a token sale worth having a serious look at. And did we mention the zero commission?


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