On March 28th, 2018 with the launch of gigtricks.io, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of a Gibraltar based startup GigTricks, Amir Shaikh has also revealed the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launch date where the special crypto utility tokens (GBTC) will be put up for sale. The sale event will have three levels a private sale period with up to 75% discount, pre-ICO offering discount up to 65% and ICO with up to 25% discount.

With the launch and commencement of the ICO for the blockchain based ecosystem that promises to deliver a 360-degree solution to combat the shortcomings of the traditional freelance platforms,  Shaikh says “GigTricks is the next big thing, it is a solution that will target issues and shortcomings of traditional freelance platforms with a 360-degree approach by incorporating the blockchain technology, creating purpose to benefit everyone by maximizing opportunities and ending global recession.”

Shaikh said that he along with the co-founders Omair Latif and Sadiq Hameed believe in GigTricks’ big bang theory and wants others to bestow the same faith as it has the potential to eliminate the potential for scams and fraud from its roots and initiate a standard approach that will maximize the scalability, transparency, flexibility, and growth in the freelance and on-demand economy.

The announcement of the special sale period come up with wisdom words by the founder, as Shaikh explained, “The ICO will be a special event to acquire GBTC at a discounted price, people can show their support by contributing in the event. Creating a purpose is what we are doing and we want to empower the unconventional workforce by nurturing talent and creating opportunities.” GBTC is the special utility token that can be used within GigTricks to get access to the blockchain based profile, skill tests and courses as well as access to advertisement spaces.

The price of the GBTC is also disclosed. Initially, during the ICO period, the token will be equivalent to $0.24800. ICO is a great opportunity for interested individuals to show their trust in the idea and get tokens at a discounted price. It is also a limited time offer as only 35% of the total tokens will be sold during the private sale, pre-ICO, and ICO. Tokens sold during the private and pre-sales cannot exceed 75%. The rest of the token distribution will be as such that 15% will be reserved for the team, advisors and community members while 20% will remain locked for ecosystem incentives, 20% for the treasury and 5% for marketing. The sale on GBTC will be as follows:

Private Sale 15th April to 15th May 2018

Pre-ICO 1st June to 30th June 2018

ICO 1st July to 30th August 2018

About GigTricks

GigTricks was founded by industry veterans Amir Shaikh, Omair Latif and Sadiq Hameed as they wanted to disrupt the way things are running in the freelance and on-demand economy and offer them with a solution that will align the unconventional workforce in a way to leverage the overall global economy. In essence, it is an ecosystem whose foundation is formed on the blockchain technology to strengthen the security and increase the transparency among the community members.

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