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Ireland is getting excited about the Internet of Things, nowhere more than the IDA (Irish Development Agency) who are keen to attract as many of the top players to the country as possible. We caught up with Ken Finnegan @IDAKen, their chief technologist, to hear more about how they are working to attract more companies to Ireland. All of this is very relevant and topical ahead of the same topics being discussed at the ITLG event on May 26th!




IDA Ireland  Ireland’s inward investment agency actively works to promote Ireland as a location for the ‘Internet of Things’. In recent years there has been a lot of debate, conversations and sharing of insights on the Internet of Things (IoT ) among colleagues, industry leaders, government officials and media circles.

Over the past 8 months in my role as IDA Technologist, I have met many companies who have said ‘we have been doing this for years’ or ‘I don’t get the hype because this is what we do’. IoT is not new for Irish companies and multinationals based here, it’s their day job. It is simply the next step in the natural evolution of Technology, ubiquitous connectivity for everything.

The reasons are simple and compelling:

Our size: Ireland is small enough to trial products and services yet, at the same time we are large enough to prove they can work at a national level.

For example there are many powerful success stories in the areas of connected health and smart aging, smart cities, agriculture, energy and environment.

Test and Trial environments: Ireland is the choice location to test and trail IoT products and services.

Our academic research centers, institutions and agencies are collaborating to provide the infrastructure so companies can “TestAndTrial As A Service”. The radio spectrum is available to use to trail

In the coming weeks and months, there will be there will be many high profile announcements of test beds and other resources that organisations can use to test their IoT offerings and we in the IDA are happy to promote this area for IoT as it is of strategic importance for IoT and Ireland.

Collaborative and Communicative: Industry, academia and government in Ireland are involved in IoT creating a collaborative and communicative eco-system.

There are many possibilities and choices for companies wishing to innovate here, even collaboration with their direct competitors. ‘Coopetition’ happens – Here, companies can ‘leave their weapons at the door’ and work together to research innovative solutions in our leading research centers. Thanks to the small size and connected nature of Ireland, it’s very easy to meet face to face with people inside and outside of your industry to expedite convergence trends in a collaborative manner.


With global technology players such as Intel, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Google, Fujitsu, Tyco, Flextronics, Cisco, Analog Devices, Vodafone, PCH, IBM, EMC, SAS and SAP (to name just a few) with substantial presence in Ireland there is a rich ecosystem that is enabling IoT to flourish.

A great demonstration of capability is the fact that Intel’s IoT quark chip was designed in Ireland and Philip Moynagh, VP for Intel’s IoT division is based here – an outstanding ‘Internet of Things’ win for the country.

Here are some examples of Irish companies with IoT products and services:

Ambisense: AmbiSense designs and manufacturers smart, field deployable, gas monitoring instruments and networks.

Davra Networks: Davras RuBan platform collects data from sensors and presents it in a usable format as business intelligence accessible from the desktop.

Movidius: is a group of seasoned technology veterans with deep expertise sitting at the intersection of low-power, high-performance multi-core processor architecture and imaging and computer vision.

SmartBin: SmartBin is the Irish owned and Irish based global leader of Intelligent Monitoring Solutions for the Waste & Recycling Industry.

Shimmer: Shimmer is a leading provider of wearable wireless sensor products and solutions.

Kinesis: Kinesis Health Technologies are medical technology company based in Dublin, Ireland.

You will find more LinkedIn posts about our value propositions in talent, cyber security, the cloud and semiconductors among other others. These have created an unique eco-system of innovation and solutions which have helped to attract many multinationalcompanies to Ireland.

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