The Email Laundry has announced the launch of its new service, Phishing User Training. The controversial new service will send mock Phishing emails to the employees of a customer organisation. If the employees click on one of the links in the email they will be taken to a training page shown below, where they must watch a training video and answer some questions.


Ken Bagnall, CEO commented “Employees susceptibility to fall for Phishing emails remains one of the largest security holes in an organisation. The sooner a company deals with it the safer they are. ”

Garry Bennett of Gedling Borough Council spoke about his experience using the service for the council.

“The Email Laundry’s Phishing Awareness Training has created a real buzz among the Officers. They are discussing Spam and Phishing in a way that other communication methods have failed to achieve. No technical system can ever prevent a targeted Phishing attack, so we need the staff to help us identify threats”

“Originally we began evaluating email security awareness. What became apparent very quickly was that many users needed this training and The Email Laundry solution allowed them to be trained at the crucial moment when they clicked on a link in the email. The feedback the system provides is excellent, it will enable us to target training on staff who aren’t getting the message, saving time and money”

Gary Bennett also spoke of the end user benefits stating, “Over the series of tests our users became aware of the dangers of these emails and how easily someone could fall for them. The reporting on staff susceptibility was thorough and helpful”

Ken Bagnall, CEO for The Email Laundry, commented, “We are delighted that Gedling Borough Council have chosen The Email Laundry to fulfil their Phishing Security training. We are seeing more and more customers with a requirement to train staff in the dangers of clicking links in Phishing and social engineering emails. The fact that The Email Laundry is helping to protect organisations against data security challenges, helping them reduce operational costs is really pleasing particularly in today’s economic climate.”

The Email Laundry is being sold in over 15 countries so far and is estimated to be one of the fastest growing innovation based companies in this sector. Used by public and private sector organisations around the world, The Email Laundry makes email safe.

More information on The Email Laundry and other products and services they offer is available here here.


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