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Going through our September interviews we began to see a common thread emerging. Lots of interesting, intelligent, influential people talking about data, it’s value, and how to get the most out of it. For all of those who missed it first time around here is our September Data Digest! (In chronological order as always).

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Stephen Few discusses the value of data visualisation 


James Sugrue on the importance how you present your data 


David White, don’t be left behind in the data arms race


Constantin Gurdgiev beyond rationality, there is always a higher order of uncertainty 


John Kellegher have the right data for your analytics solution

unnamed (1)

Kieran Towey never assume what data looks like


Barry Dillon assume data has lots of noise


Tanya Grimson growth hacking the fashion industry


Brian MacNamee give people more access to their own data


Cronan MacNamara emerging trends in data analytics



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