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Patrick PK McDonnell Crypto Dev, Dreamer, Enthusiast, Miner, Trader, Trickster, VC, Paid mind of 700+ Devs, Ex $TIT Director of Biz Dev. My children are my wealth. #CryptosGOD

What lead you into what you do now?

I entered Wall Street back in 1992 where I trained under Jordan Belfort founder of Stratton Oakmont, Inc. [The Wolf Of Wall St]. I mastered the art of small cap market making at the age of 19 giving me a strategic advantage over NASDAQ traders where I implemented short selling techniques bankrupting many low capitalized broker-dealers including Biltmore Securities, Inc. a sister outfit of Stratton.

In 2013, I recognized that Bitcoin possessed many trading characteristics of NASDAQ investment vehicles yet unlike traditional security exchanges, cryptocurrency platforms reported both sides of the market [BID/ASK] with live inventory positions 100% visible due to blockchain transparency. This was a huge advantage in my trading success which led to me participate in 700+ R&D promotions that helped build many of the Altcoins we use today. My position in the cryptosphere is voluntary like all involved it’s not about the money to me, but it is… if that makes any sense to you?

What led you to developing and launching FINTECHinc?

I recently wrote an article for titled, Financial Giants Flock To Blockchain Technology, While Employees Left Clueless? which is where the idea grew legs. I preach awareness of Bitcoin/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency like no other outside of Bitcoin Jesus aka Roger Ver who I respect. FACT: To build a true eco-system with a solid infrastructure we need to educate the masses in-depth. The biggest problem with Bitcoin adoption is a lack of user knowledge & FINTECHinc. is my answer to FinTechEDU [FinTech Education].

What’s your role with 

My primary role at is commentary & writing. I volunteer my time although our writers are generally paid in BTC for their efforts. 10/31/15 we launch ‘Bitsy’ a comic strip [FinTech Funnies] something I hope our community enjoys as much as I do creating it. My core focus is helping Roger Ver build the Bitcoin Forum which is a place where community members can speak openly with ‘no censorship’ unlike other biased venues in our sphere.

There have been massive rises and falls in the value of Bitcoin – do you think it will continue to fluctuate in the future too?

Yes, there will always be fluctuation in the value of Bitcoin it’s defined as a commodity by the CFTC just like crude oil or wheat. In time as more coins are mined we will stabilize above $10,000 USD per coin I believe.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, some say he was one of my lecturers, (Micheal Clear) what do you think?  (and does it matter any longer?!)

Possibly the CIA, FBI or NSA? My reasoning is my own through endless hours of research, it’s a very simple conclusion when you step out of Bitcoin & look at the full picture. Anyhow, Satoshi Nakamoto is not a person, he or it’s a movement. Understanding the history of finance & the world’s changing views of financial institutions & governments, ie: [Occupy WallStreet] is to understand Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity. We are ‘all’ Satoshi Nakamoto so it does not matter to me, what does matter most is ‘proof on concept’ that we can evolve into a society of trust without third party interference & biased regulation.

Will we see a number of crypto currencies in the future or do you think there will be ‘one bitcoin to unite them all’ ?

We have 634 listed on already & hundreds of unreported private blockchains so it really depends on which cryptocurrency users choose to adopt. This is the beginning of CryptoNASDAQ. We will see sector based cryptocurrencies fill niche oriented markets & lead the way, ie: Titcoin [Adult Industry] I reported on how $TIT could have prevented the Ashley Madison security breach recently. We have seen many cryptocurrencies fork & hybrid into one unit of value which basically is our form of merger. So all options are open… cryptocurrency is the clay, we await the hands of the world to mold it.

How was the last 12 months?

Great! No complaints.

Anything you’d do differently?

Sleep need more sleep! Working harder these days than ever.

What trends are you excited about for the future of blockchain / crypto currencies?

I’m interested in seeing how the music industry utilizes blockchain technology it’s a perfect fit. Overstock’s CEO Patrick Byrne has some amazing things in the pipeline with Medici NMS which is very exciting to me personally. Everything, just everything…

Your twitter bio says you’re a dreamer – how / where do you create space for this?

I live my dreams through my children & blockchain R&D may it be a concept, idea or thought becoming a reality in tangible form. I’ve always had a knack for predictions that prove true. I was called an idiot for preaching DOW 10K by my peers in the 90’s. It’s all in my head…

Life / work / online / offline how do you navigate a balance between these demands?

Ask me I’ll tell you easy, ask my wife she will tell you different. It’s been a tough balance to be honest, but my youngest is about to turn 21 years old so we are not talking babies. I’m real tired but usually that is when I figure things out.

What’s your take on the Irish tech scene from where you’re sitting? 

Ireland in general has done amazing in business over the past decade & contributions in the tech sector have expanded significantly. I’ve received a lot of support from many Irish Bitcoiner’s the last couple years & greatly appreciate the love.

Why the ‘Coyote of WallStreet’?

When Playboy ran their article on Titcoin it just stuck. I think AVN & XBIZ put it out there first for article ratings due to Jordan’s exposure at about the same time. I like Pat better though, I’m not proud of my time at Stratton. I address it because it comes up regularly.

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