– Expansion funded with €300K investment from leading Irish entrepreneurs –

A technology company that intuitively matches remote workers with employers offering smart, remote and flexible career opportunities, has launched its service in the UK in its first investment outside Ireland.

Abodoo, a careers platform which boasts no job searches or endless listings, is currently receiving 100 UK candidate registrations per day since its launch in April.

Speaking about the launch, Sue Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Abodoo said: “There are already 4.2 million people working remotely in the UK and we expect this figure to increase as technology evolves and companies embrace the idea that they can grow by allowing professionals the freedom to work and live where they choose. With a vast array of talented registrations in Ireland, our next priority for Abodoo is our expansion further afield, encouraging UK-based people to register with the site to access the flexible careers on offer.

“In the last 18 months, we’ve seen a positive shift in attitudes to remote working in the UK due to unforeseen incidents like transport strikes, timetable changes, extreme weather and city centre events. Workers who would typically commute into the office needed to work remotely during these events and, as a result, many companies have become more open to the benefits of remote working.

“We’re working with some of the most attractive employers in Ireland and the UK, and we have a range of excellent roles on offer. Our goal is to continue to attract registrations from candidates seeking more flexible careers.  Typically, these are professionals who want a career that fits with their lifestyle and allows them to cut out lengthy and costly commutes.

“It doesn’t take much for large cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester to grind to a halt and it can be exceptionally stressful for commuters and costly for businesses – it’s been estimated that a transport strike can cost upwards of €1bn a day. Remote working makes economic and environmental sense and can vastly improve the quality of life for workers.  Businesses now understand that SmartWorking can lead to cost-savings, better retention levels, and higher rates of employee satisfaction. From the employee’s perspective, they can save travel costs, as well as hundreds of hours of travel time and the stress of a daily commute.”


Funding Abodoo’s expansion to the UK in 2018 are two significant investments worth a total of €300,000.

Tom O’Neill, the entrepreneur behind coworking hub New Work Junction and e-learning company Laragh Courseware made a €100,000 investment in March. New Work Junction, which has hubs in Kilkenny, Carlow, Rathmines, and soon in Wexford, is aimed particularly at remote workers. It allows employers to dip their toe in the water by allowing staff to remote work without set up costs or contractual commitments, and offers members 24/7 access to workspaces.

Mr O’Neill joined Voxpro founder Dan Kiely who made a €200,000 investment in January. The Wexford-based company has also attracted support from the IDA.

Wexford couple, Vanessa Tierney and Ben Wainwright, developed the idea for Abodoo after moving back from the UK with their young family. Having found that remote working job opportunities were difficult to find on standard jobs boards, they developed the jobs platform to match candidates with suitable employers offering remote-working career opportunities.

Launched in September 2017, 2018 is Abodoo’s first full year of trading. Further information about Abodoo is available at www.abodoo.com.




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